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Colin Cowherd Ranks the Top 10 Teams in the AFC Heading Into 2023

Watch Colin Cowherd count down his rankings of the Top 10 Teams in the AFC post-free agency and the Draft. (Click here for NFC Rankings)

10. Miami Dolphins

“I do not believe Tua plays 17 games, probably closer to 13 or 14. They did not address their offensive line. With Jalen Ramsey and Vic Fangio they will be a much better defensive team, but if Tua is your quarterback with concussion concerns I'm a little bothered they didn't attack the offensive line."

9. Pittsburgh Steelers

“I'm buying their stock. I thought they had the best draft. They had three needs and nailed all of them. Their first five picks will all play a lot. Kenny Pickett played pretty well at the end of the year. Pittsburgh is sneaky good."

8. New York Jets

“I don't love Nathaniel Hackett but Aaron Rodgers does so I'll go with it. Most of their great players are young, and Aaron isn't necessarily great with 'young.' I want to see how Aaron Rodgers and Hackett make that work. My feeling is Aaron would be better in year 2 than year 1."

7. Denver Broncos

“They shored up their o-line with Mike McGlinchey and Ben Powers. People forget how good Javonte Williams was or Tim Patrick, they're both back. Or their left tackle Garret Bolles, or Randy Gregory. Lot of big injuries to stars last year, and nobody improves more in coaching than the Hackett to Payton pivot."

6. Baltimore Ravens

“I think the Ravens are going to be really good. I think they became the fastest team. Zay Flowers, Odell Beckham, Rashod Bateman comes back, and Lamar Jackson is in. I love their coach, the culture is great, the defense is strong, and they're now as fast as anybody."

5. Jacksonville Jaguars

“A team that could end up as the number one seed because of their awful division. Don't forget Calvin Ridley, he'll be a 75-80 catch guy. Travis Etienne, Christian Kirk, Calvin Ridley, Zay Jones, Evan Engram, and Doug Pederson now in a second year. Wouldn't be surprised if they were a 13-win team and the number one seed."

4. Buffalo Bills

“They were 13-3, added Damien Harris a running back, they moved up to get the best tight end in the Draft, Dalton Kinkaid, I think they're fine. Their o-line still becomes an issue. They were 31st in yards to the tight end, now they've got two with Dawson Knox."

3. Los Angeles Chargers

“My surprise team in the AFC is the Chargers. I think Kellen Moore was a huge gaffe by the Cowboys letting him go. Like the Chiefs and Bengals, their top two picks was a wide receiving weapon for Herbert, and an edge rusher. They also get their great left tackle back, Rashawn Slater, and JC Jackson back at corner."

2. Cincinnati Bengals

“They got an edge rusher and another receiver in the Draft. They also got Orlando Brown, the left tackle. They got rid of a couple safeties, that tells me the franchise is smart with their money and knows what to do-- you don't need great safeties,"

1. Kansas City Chiefs

“They started four rookies in the Super Bowl, ten different rookies played, they'll all be better. Super Bowl three of the last four years, Matt Nagy returns as OC, they went and got an edge rusher, and another receiver weapon for Mahomes, no reason why they shouldn't be number one."

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