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Colin Cowherd Says Aaron Rodgers/Jets Partnership Will Be Short-Lived

Colin Cowherd: “The Jets are parading Aaron Rodgers around New York. He was at the Knicks game, the Rangers game, the only thing missing was a Broadway play. He’ll probably be ringing the bell on Wall Street this afternoon. This is very much a honeymoon period for Aaron Rodgers. Nice to the media, positive vibes, smiles all weekend— people tend to revert back to who they are. In Green Bay, Aaron struggled with young offensive pieces and the Jets have a lot of young offensive pieces, so I’m very interested to watch how it plays out. In Green Bay, Aaron had control, he had so much embedded in the organization, he had such great history, and there was such an investment with Aaron Rodgers. It’s really a one-year lease with the Jets. If he’s great the city will love him, if he’s not they’ll get rid of him. They have nothing invested. It’s a one-year deal. It’s not marriage, it’s dating. You can move off dating, it’s very complicated with marriage. That’s why moving off Aaron in Green Bay was very, very complicated, because they had so much invested in him. It was a divorce in Green Bay, but it’s just dating in New York. What happens when he doesn’t connect with young players? Maybe he does, but the Jets’ culture is defense. It’s a defensive head coach, and their best players are on defense. If you look at the history of New York, when guys come in with some flash— Mark Sanchez, Jeremy Shockey, Giancarlo Stanton, Brett Favre, Carmelo Anthony, A-Rod— when you come into New York as a star you’re treated differently, the expectations are different. Most of the people who become New York legends—Derek Jeter, Aaron Judge, Eli Manning, Jalen Brunson… low-key, not flashy. Most of New York stars don’t come in with huge expectations because the city is so big, overwhelming, fast, and frenetic, and talk radio matters. It’s like the 70s and 80s media, and the media has huge influence. If you come in as a star they’re going to ask a lot of questions, there’s going to be overwhelming expectations, so to me he’s a one-year lease. I think the Jets are officially the most interesting team.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss Aaron Rodgers’ future with the New York Jets, as although Colin does call the Jets ‘the most interesting team in the league’, he does doubt the partnership between Rodgers and New York being one that lasts very long.

Check out the segment above as Colin describes how Rodgers doesn’t exactly represent that type of star that truly flourish in the championship-starved Yankees.

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