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Colin Cowherd Ranks the Top 10 Teams in the NFC Heading Into 2023

Watch Colin Cowherd count down his rankings of the Top 10 Teams in the NFC post-free agency and the Draft.

10. Carolina Panthers

“Carolina is my surprise team. Major upgrade in head coach from Matt Rhule to Frank Reich. They added Miles Sanders, Adam Thielen, DJ Chark, Vonn Bell, they got some nice productive NFL players. I think Jonathan Mingo was arguably the best player taken in the entire second round. Bryce Young was easily the most stabilizing quarterback.”

9. Green Bay Packers

“I like the structure but we have no idea what Jordan Love is. They lost Aaron, Allen Lazard, and Robert Tonyan. I thought their first-round draft picks were excellent but Jordan Love has started one game and I have no idea what I get.”

8. New York Giants

“Added a very good tight, Darren Waller, still don’t love their offensive line, still don’t love their receiving corps. I think they’re going to regress a little bit. I like Barkley, their defense, and their coach, but they still have an average quarterback. This story is too much Brian Daboll, and not enough Daniel Jones, I think he’s elevating a very average quarterback that is now overpaid.”

7. Minnesota Vikings

“I don’t think they upgraded their defense enough, and I think their best move was hiring Brian Flores as a defensive coordinator. I still they think have average personnel. They were 26th in defense last year, they made Daniel Jones look great twice. They’ve got a smart offensive coach, they add Jordan Addison, I just don’t think they did enough to the defense.”

6. Detroit Lions

“Many people think they screwed their draft up, but the first four guys they drafted are all going to start, so I like that. Jameson Williams is suspended early. They have a very good offensive line, a quarterback that doesn’t move a lot but can throw the ball to the right spots. They’re young, they’re ascending, but we’re getting a tad bit ahead of ourselves on the Lions. Can they make the playoffs and win a playoff game? They could.”

5. Los Angeles Rams

“When Matt Stafford last played for an entire season he threw for over 5,000 yards. They get three stars back with Stafford, Cooper Kupp, and Aaron Donald. The offensive line got the best guard in the draft. They added depth and had a nice draft. In the AFC they’re not a playoff team, but in the NFC I think they will be.”

4. Dallas Cowboys

“Kellen Moore is gone, Mike McCarthy is calling the plays, and I don’t love that. I don’t love the fact that Brandin Cooks is your number two receiver. A little older, Stephon Gilmore is your corner, and I didn’t love their draft. Kellen Moore is going to cost you a game or two in that division.”

3. Seattle Seahawks

“I love their draft again this year. Best corner, best receiver, and maybe the second-best running back. They took more off the plate of Geno Smith. This is a franchise that doesn’t have a lot of holes. They feel a little too young to beat an older San Francisco, or older Philadelphia, but they have arguably the best young talent in the conference.”

2. San Francisco 49ers

“They don’t have a Jalen Hurts at quarterback so they’ll be playing in Philadelphia in the postseason. It is going to be a full season with Christian McCaffrey. They were 12-1 when McCaffrey was in the starting lineup. It’s a team that is getting a little old in the tooth— Kittle, McCaffrey, Trent Williams, they may have to make some tweaks after this season but right now they’re two.”

1. Philadelphia Eagles

“I do worry about losing both coordinators, specifically Shane Steichen, but because the culture is so strong, they get a Jalen Carter, they are loaded on both lines—offense and defense. Jalen Carter was the best player in the Draft. They lost some linebackers, I just want to see them without Shane Steichen.”

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