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Jason Smith: Steph Curry is 'Too Small' To Be Considered an All-Time Great

Jason Smith: “What happens to him at the end of games is something that always stops you from being labeled the best of anything because you need to be able to make big shots at the end of games to win, and Steph Curry cannot get his own shot off at the end of games. He is too small, and I’m sorry if that upsets you, but that’s the truth about Steph Curry. What happened in this game? The Warriors gave him the basketball with ten seconds left, nowhere to go because the Lakers threw two guys at him. So what does he do? He tries to pass out of it. He’s not big enough to see the floor, and obviously if there’s two guys on him there’s two guys are open. But they get the ball out to Jordan Poole and he puts up a 28-footer that misses. Steph can’t get his own shot off at the end of games so you have to figure out a way to get him the ball. The Lakers did what any team would do— ‘we’re going to give you two guys and good luck trying to get that shot off.’ Steph Curry cannot get his shot off at the end of games. This is when you need your franchise player, and your ‘best point guard of all time’ to be able to get a shot off and he can’t do it because he’s not big enough. Yes, I know that ruins and wrecks the narrative of how great Steph Curry is, but if you’re going to call him the ‘best point guard of all time’ after Game 7 because you have to say something after he has 50, and had a great game… but they won by 20. In games where Steph Curry can run around, get loose, hit shots, and go up and down the floor, Steph Curry is fantastic. But at the end of games like this, when it comes down to the final two minutes and the game is close? Steph Curry can’t get his own shot off. It’s really hard for the Warriors to win games because he can’t do it. When it comes down to close games like this he can’t get his own shot off, and that’s a problem. It’s been an issue and it was an issue [last night]. It’s why the Lakers won and why the Warriors got an ‘L.’” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Jason Smith of Fox Sports Radio mock the notion that Steph Curry is the ‘greatest point guard of all time’, a popular narrative spun again after Curry’s 50-point Game 7 performance against the Kings last round, as Jason says Steph is simply ‘too small’ to be depended on in the final seconds of deadlocked games.

Check out the segment above as Smith says he’s ‘sorry if that upsets you’, and cannot help but shut down the ‘GOAT’ argument for Steph vs. Magic Johnson.

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