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Jason Whitlock Rips Deion Sanders' 'Hypocritical Nonsense' on Draft Racism

Deion Sanders on Twitter: “So proud is [sic: of] you @isaiahbolden23. You deserved to be drafted much higher but I’m truly proud of u. I know how much u want this. I’m ashamed of the 31 other @NFL teams that couldn’t find draft value in ALL of the talented HBCU players & we had 3 more draft worthy players at JSU.”

Jason Whitlock: “Deion Sanders is whining about Isaiah Bolden on probably one of the happiest days of Isaiah Bolden’s life. It’s a great day for him but, of course, Deion is there to make him a victim, and that he should have gotten drafted higher. Bolden was the lone player drafted from an HBCU. In recent years corporate sports media has run with the narrative that NFL teams are unfairly avoiding selecting HBCU players, insinuating that racial bias is at the root of franchises choosing players from predominantly White schools. What’s at the root of Sanders choosing a White university over Jackson State? Hmmmm, is Deion Sanders racist? Is he ashamed of himself? I’m ashamed of the unapologetic shallowness and cowardice of jocks, ex-jocks, and jock-sniffers. American sports had long been a safe space for masculinity, now they’re a haven for victim-hood and illogical whining. HEY DEION, AND EVERYBODY ELSE OUT THERE: THE FIRST TEN PICKS OF THE DRAFT WERE BLACK PLAYERS. THREE OF THE FIRST FOUR PICKS WERE BLACK QUARTERBACKS. The Draft looked like the BET Image Awards— loud flamboyant suits, gaudy jewelry layered around necks, wrists and ears, baby mamas celebrating their male lottery tickets cashing in, overweight women in ill-fitting dresses, enough hair weave to draw the ire of PETA. The Draft has been stripped of all authenticity or masculinity. I used to absolutely love watching the NFL Draft, now I can’t stomach watching it. It’s just another event in the racial victim-hood Olympics. Deion Sanders took the gold medal this year. The super wealthy Black man who abandoned HBCUs after two years can't understand why the NFL shops for talent outside the Chitlin’ Circuit. Really? The NFL used to routinely draft players from Black colleges before all the best Black players started attending White schools. In 1968, according to Wikipedia, the NFL selected 11 players from Jackson State. In 1975, five Tigers were selected, including running back Walter Payton and linebacker Robert Brazile. Peyton and Brazile both are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Let me ask Deion Sanders and all the other racial idolaters— is the 2023 NFL more racist than the 1975 NFL? Take a moment and think about that. Have we actually gone backwards? All the highest-paid players in the NFL are virtually all Black. All the top paid quarterbacks, all Black. First 10 picks in this year's draft, all Black. But, oh my God, only one player from an HBCU got drafted, that's ‘racism!’ They've been singing this song for about the last five years. When there is no racism to really address, these guys go make it up. It's not just Black players they want drafted, now it's like ‘well, what school are they getting drafted from? What neighborhood are they coming from? What cell phone carrier do they use? Is that a Black cell phone carrier??’ The next complaint will be ‘none of the Black players drafted are dating Black women, the NFL must address that!’ I can't wait for that to be a story. The best Black players by choice go to Alabama, Michigan, Georgia, LSU, etc. They go to predominantly White universities, let me stress this again, BY CHOICE. That's an ‘us’ decision. We used to go to HBCUs but because the White man's ice is always colder we now go to predominantly White universities BY CHOICE. It's the exact same thing Deion Sanders does and did. As a player, Deion chose Florida State. As a coach he chose Colorado. Deion wants 31 NFL teams to make a choice and/or a sacrifice he was unwilling to make. That's a cowardly mindset. It's the mindset of the modern elite athlete or coach. They avoid sacrifice and criticism by any means necessary. Not one NFL owner, executive, scout, or coach will call out Sanders' hypocritical nonsense. They're afraid. They know the race-baiting pundits at ESPN and Fox Sports would chastise them. Men lack balls and conviction. Excluding anti-vaxxer Kyrie Irving, there are virtually no modern versions of Jackie Robinson and Muhammad Ali. Robinson sacrificed so that the next generation of Black athletes could benefit. Ali sacrificed three years of his boxing prime because of his anti-war beliefs. You know what modern athletes do? At all costs they protect their brands above everything. On topics they know little about they regurgitate talking points handed to them by their brand managers. They remain silent on the relevant and controversial issues impacting the sports world. Deion said ‘OH, THE NFL DRAFT, THEY DIDN’T TAKE HBCU PLAYERS, I’M ASHAMED!’ The NFL took a gang of Black dudes, made a gang of baby mamas happy, and daddies happy. Made a bunch of Black kids happy. That's what the NFL did and that's what they've been doing for years, for decades. We don't need Deion's opinion on that. We don't need any of these athletes opinions on that… I’ve moved to a place where the stupidity of athletes drives me crazy. I’m ashamed of them. I’m ashamed I used to be one of them… Some dude gets drafted in the NFL by the New England Patriots, one of the greatest franchises in the history of the league, and he’s a ‘victim.’ ‘SHOULDA BEEN DRAFTED EARLIER! HE’S THE ONLY ONE DRAFTED BY AN HBCU! THAT’S WRONG! THAT’S A CRIME! I’M ASHAMED OF THE NFL! BUT I’M SURE GONNA TAKE THIS CHECK FROM THIS WHITE UNIVERSITY AND GET THE HELL UP OUT OF JACKSON STATE AS SOON AS I CAN!’ This is madness and it’s insanity.” (Full Segment Above)

 Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ call out Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders for ‘cowardly’ comments he made on Twitter at the conclusion of last weekend’s 2023 NFL Draft where Sanders congratulated Jackson State player Isaiah Bolden for getting drafted, and then implied that racism had to do with no other player from an HBCU [Historically Black College and University] getting selected.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock rips Sanders for being ‘purposely dishonest’, and adds perspective to Sanders’ ‘hypocritical nonsense’, which included him controversially 'selling out' and bolting HBCU Jackson State for Colorado University last December.

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