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Colin Cowherd Gives His 'Safest' NFL Futures Bet of the 2023 Season

Photo: Alex Slitz

Colin Cowherd: “Vegas makes very few mistakes. When they do make mistakes, the ‘wiseguys’, or as they’re called the ‘sharks’, if they make a bad line Monday morning the wiseguys are all over it and they bet it up or down within like three hours. Vegas does make mistakes, but in the regular season they don’t last long, they move the line very quickly. Tell me I’m out of my gourd, the Atlanta Falcons at 8.5 wins is the strangest line I’ve ever seen. Desmond Ridder is their quarterback. Green Bay is at only 7.5 wins, also in a wonky division, also in the NFC, but at least that quarterback, Jordan Love, has been in the system for three years. We got like four games of Desmond Ridder last year— is he the guy? He could very well be a career-backup. Minnesota won their division last year— 8.5 wins. Atlanta, 8.5 wins. Seattle was a playoff team and had another amazing draft— 8.5 wins. The Falcons at 8.5 wins?? The Steelers, who I think are an absolute ‘BUY’, had the greatest draft arguably, and they played very well at the end of the year— 8.5 wins. How in God’s name, with Desmond Ridder, I know the division is weak, can you be an 8.5-win team?? Atlanta has got one of the weaker schedules, I get it, but that doesn’t historically matter when you have a ‘C’ quarterback. New England for years, because their division was so bad, was almost guaranteed a weaker schedule. They would get six bad teams on their schedule. But they had Brady, so they won those games. Atlanta is the safest UNDER bet. Eight and a half?? Who is betting 9 wins on Atlanta?? Carolina is going to be better with Frank Reich and Bryce Young, and with Derek Carr the Saints will be better. I think the Falcons are a third-place team.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd and Jason McIntyre discuss the recently released over/under win totals for the 2023 NFL season, as Colin already has some arousing futures bets in his crosshairs.

Check out the segment above as Colin has taken issue with Vegas tabbing the Atlanta Falcons as an 8.5 win team on their over/unders.

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