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Colin Cowherd Says This Would Be the Perfect Destination For Dillon Brooks

Colin Cowherd: “He’s the cheap-shot guy and a poor man’s Draymond Green. Dillon Brooks is not much of an offensive player. I do think there are places he works, notably Phoenix where they need another body. He can be a defender and give KD some nights off on the defensive end of the floor, he’s younger, he plays a lot of games and minutes, Chris Paul is aging, and if he’s hurt they could get swept. Dillon Brooks to Phoenix makes a lot of sense because he delivers mostly what they don’t have, which is a defensive enforcer, youth on the wing, minutes, can lock up guys if you have to play a Kawhi or you gotta play an Andrew Wiggins in the West. Somebody on the Clippers, Lakers, Kings, or Warriors, he can man-up on that guy. He’s not going to give you much offense but Memphis is smartly looking at themselves in the mirror and going ‘what are we?’ And what we are is a bit of a fraud. A lot of these teams lose in the postseason but with Memphis it feels very shallow, very hollow, very immature— you’re not going to get rid of Ja Morant, he sells too many tickets, he’s too dynamic, he’s a great scorer, so let’s move off Dillon Brooks, let’s grow up. We will take a little less depth and more maturity. You can get away with a lot in the regular season but when all the executives, all the media, and all the fans are actually watching— you start watching what Dillon Brooks is and he underdelivers. Memphis is embarrassed as a franchise and rightfully so is saying to themselves ‘what are we?’ Memphis has an identity crisis and I think this is a really smart move. There’s value on the market for a wing defender and enforcer. He does not work with immature Memphis. I think it’s a great move by the franchise, he’ll find a spot.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss reports of the Memphis Grizzlies not expected to retain rabble-rousing wing player Dillon Brooks, as Colin says there’s an obvious destination he can think of that could be looming for Brooks.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he thinks the Phoenix Suns could be a good landing spot for the man now infamous for trying to antagonize LeBron James this postseason.

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