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Jason Whitlock on Brittney Griner: 'She's Not a Victim, She's a Dummy'

Jason Whitlock: “Excluding anti-vaxxer Kyrie Irving, there are virtually no modern versions of Jackie Robinson and Muhammad Ali. Robinson sacrificed so that the next generation of Black athletes could benefit. Ali sacrificed three years of his boxing prime because of his anti-war beliefs. You know what modern athletes do? At all costs they protect their brands above everything. On topics they know little about they regurgitate talking points handed to them by their brand managers. They remain silent on the relevant and controversial issues impacting the sports world. Let me give you one example. Deion Sanders said ‘OH, THE NFL DRAFT, THEY DIDN’T TAKE HBCU PLAYERS, I’M ASHAMED!’ The NFL took a gang of Black dudes, made a gang of baby mamas happy, and daddies happy, and made a bunch of Black kids happy. That's what the NFL did and that's what they've been doing for years, for decades. We don't need Deion's opinion on that. We don't need any of these athletes opinions on that. How about offering an opinion about WNBA martyr Brittney Griner? She wants biological men to compete against women. Deion Sanders is a former elite athlete, he’s now head coach at a power-5 university— he’s an expert on male athletes. He should have an opinion on whether men should be competing against women. Go check his Twitter feed to see if he’s ‘ashamed’ of Brittney Griner, the WNBA, and all the other people groveling and begging for the WNBA and women’s sports to be overrun by men pretending to be women. Is Deion ‘ashamed’ of that? Is he willing to put his name out there and take on real risks and piss off sponsors? Piss off the Biden administration? Piss off all the leftists? Piss off anybody? — with a common sense stance of ‘Brittney Griner is nuts, and anybody who supports this is nuts.’ He won’t say that. I’ve moved to a place where the stupidity of athletes drives me crazy. I’m ashamed of them. I’m ashamed I used to be one of them. These guys have daughters. They’ve played sports at a high level. They should have an opinion on this. They should be the men drawing a line in the sand and saying ‘NO, no dice, this is crazy’, but they say nothing… Did you listen to Bill Rhoden [ESPN columnist who was at Griner’s recent press conference] grovel at the feet of this woman whose contribution to society is playing basketball? If he were groveling at Michael Jordan’s feet I would be critical. I mean, at least Michael played at a high level. This woman broke the law in Russia, made this country cough up the ‘Merchant of Death’, an arms dealer, for a basketball player. We had to spring a terrorist from prison to recover a basketball player because she’s that irresponsible and stupid. This is a 73-year-old man groveling at the feet of a 6’8”, irresponsible, weed-smoking jock. I don’t dislike Brittney but she does not represent anything important. And all this fake ‘let’s bring home Paul Whelan and our prisoners abroad!’— nobody cares what Brittney Griner has to say, it’s all a gimmick. She’s been platformed and they’re trying to make her into an idol to promote the LGBTQIA+ agenda, and Bill Rhoden is groveling at her feet… This is crazy, this is nonsense and Bill Rhoden is co-signing it. What has become of us? Do we not stand for anything? Some dude gets drafted in the NFL by the New England Patriots, one of the greatest franchises in the history of the league, and he’s a ‘victim.’ ‘SHOULDA BEEN DRAFTED EARLIER! HE’S THE ONLY ONE DRAFTED BY AN HBCU! THAT’S WRONG! THAT’S A CRIME! I’M ASHAMED OF THE NFL! BUT I’M SURE GONNA TAKE THIS CHECK FROM THIS WHITE UNIVERSITY AND GET THE HELL UP OUT OF JACKSON STATE AS SOON AS I CAN!’ This is madness and it’s insanity… Let’s stop pretending like Brittney Griner is Medgar Evers, Martin Luther King, Muhammad Ali, or Jackie Robinson. She’s a big, dumb jock, who got locked up in Russia because she tried to smuggle a little weed or hash into a foreign country. That’s what dummies do. She’s not a victim, she’s a dummy, and she cost America the ‘Merchant of Death.’ A terrorist, arms dealer for a BASKETBALL PLAYER, and Bill Rhoden is kissing her rear end like he’s talking to Rosa Parks or Harriet Tubman, or somebody that made a real sacrifice. We’ve gone crazy.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ discuss Brittney Griner’s recent comments at a Phoenix Mercury press conference supporting transgender athletes competing in women’s sports, as Whitlock calls out current and former male athletes for failing to push back on a topic like this one, and at the same time only disingenuously put their names to ‘safe’ narratives that won’t shake the tree of their corporate handlers.

Whitlock specifically brings up Deion Sanders, who spent the weekend posting tweets implying that ‘racism’ was the reason behind just one HBCU football player being selected in the 2023 NFL Draft. Whitlock finds it ironic that Sanders would be so vocal towards a conspiracy theory, yet go silent on the idea of biological men competing against biological women.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock says the days of Jackie Robinson and Muhammad Ali are over, and says that modern athletes simply ‘regurgitate talking points handed to them by their brand managers while they remain silent on the relevant and controversial issues impacting the sports world.’

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