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Colin Cowherd on Nikola Jokic Punishment: 'We Already Screwed Him For MVP'

Colin Cowherd: “Let’s not pretend that a drunk, crazy, violent fan took a wild swing at an NBA player. There is enough outrage in our politics, take a deep breath, this was not outrageous. It was a close, intense game and Jokic went over to retrieve a ball— now, that’s a no-no, letter of the law, you could suspend him for a game but it was a three-second moment with the owner, a road player, and it ended. You warned both, you give them a fine, and that’s it. It’s become a very entertaining series and we’re already missing Chris Paul, let’s not take out another star. The NBA is guilty too, they sell every ticket possible to fans. It used to be the media was on the floor and it was a bit more professional; now it’s alcohol, everybody is liquored up, they’re on top of the players, there’s more heckling than ever, and it gets like this moment. It’s the owner, it was a star, it was a flop, the owner has got a young Mark Cuban vibe, he’s all into it, he won’t give the ball back, and Jokic is like ‘get out of my face’— it’s not that big of a deal. If you’re my age you’ve seen Vernon Maxwell run into the stands, 'Malice at Palace'— this is nothing. If the NBA is going to sell every ticket, people on the floor, liquor everywhere, owners are touching the ball and won’t give it back… Let’s be hospitable hosts, we already screwed the guy on the MVP. Let’s be nice, keep him in the series, don’t inject yourself into the series. You give out a couple fines and a couple warnings. Let’s not pretend it’s outrageous. It doesn’t rise to throwing possibly the best player in the series out. Take a deep breath. There’s enough outrage in politics, everybody is outraged with everything. There’s ’30 For 30’s romanticizing  the 80s NBA where guys got into fights regularly. If this is the worst we have to deal with, we’re all good.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss Nikola Jokic’s bizarre courtside run-in with Phoenix Suns owner Matt Ishbia during Game 4 in Phoenix over the weekend, as Colin says he believes Jokic should avoid being suspended by the NBA.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why Jokic should get a pass for the antagonistic incident, saying ‘you already screwed the guy on MVP.'

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