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Colin Cowherd on Lakers' 3-1 Lead on Warriors: 'It Doesn't Make Any Sense'

Photo: Harry How

Colin Cowherd: “The Lakers are essentially are a team that can’t shoot, they have a rookie defensive head coach, they flipped the roster at the trade deadline, LeBron now looks gassed and disappears for quarters, AD is great mostly although he has bad halves, and undrafted Austin Reaves and Lonnie Walker are lighting it up. Not exactly Jordan’s Bulls, Shaq and Kobe’s Lakers, Bird and McHale’s Celtics, or Magic and Kareem’s Lakers. Remember when our parents said ‘just eat your vegetables, and drink your milk, that’s all it takes to be big and strong’… In the NBA, here’s the version of that: hit your free throws, play great defense, you don’t have to shoot, you’ll end up in the Western Conference Finals.’ Is that where we’re headed? I don’t get it. LeBron looks TIRED, there is only one day’s rest in-between games. Him and AD played more minutes than anybody and LeBron looked gassed -- he disappeared for stretches. Anthony Davis offensively looked tired, he was hiding. The Lakers are so good defensively that it masks their deficiencies. That defense keeps them close in really ugly offensive stretches. They’re so old school that they’re becoming vintage. They’re like Polaroids, trucker hats, and vinyl record, this doesn’t make any sense. Bounce-around-the-league guys, undrafted guys… In the 1970s the NBA was pretty weak. If you had one great player and a bunch of ‘guys’ you could win a championship, like the Sonics and Blazers. Then from the 80s until today you need two great players, sometimes a third like the ‘Heatles’, and then you get to the championship level, it doesn’t mean you’ll win it. Are the Lakers so old school that they have one great player, AD— who is a little hit or miss offensively, LeBron is way out of his prime, and just a bunch of ‘guys’? Right now they only have one star and that star is AD, and he is dominant on both ends of the floor, but only one end of the floor every night, and that’s the defensive end.” (Full Segment Above)

Colin Cowherd discusses the Los Angeles Lakers’ 3-1 Western Conference semifinals lead on the Golden State Warriors, with Colin saying it ‘doesn’t make sense’ that a team as flawed as the Lakers can be playing this high level of playoff basketball.

Check out the segment above as Colin wonders if these Lakers are re-writing what the usual template is required to win a championship in the modern NBA.

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