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Doug Gottlieb Blasts LeBron-to-Warriors Rumors: 'I Know It's NOT Happening'

Doug Gottlieb: “There was an article in ‘The Ringer’ about LeBron to the Warriors… Remember, LeBron has said he’s close with Draymond Green, he was at Draymond’s wedding, and he’s already said that Steph Curry is the current player he’d most like to play with. Hmmmm, wait a second, LET’S CREATE SOME TRADE SPECULATION THAT LEBRON WOULD GO TO THE WARRIORS! If only we had some sort of historical reference for a star player going to play with Steph Curry, winning a championship, and it affecting how they’re perceived in and out of the NBA. If only we had a parallel to draw! Oh, wait, we do… How did that work out for Kevin Durant?? Not great. Bronny cannot play out there right now [Golden State]. Will somebody draft him and put him on your team? Of course, but that doesn’t mean on his own merit he could. He’s a kid and he didn’t have a great senior year in high school. You think he’s gonna play in the NBA? He’s going to play in the NBA but you think LeBron is going to be a 45-minute flight [from USC] away? He would never join the Warriors because of what it would do to his reputation, and because it’s lack of proximity to either of his sons playing this upcoming year, plus his daughter is already enrolled in school. No matter how much he loves the idea of playing with Steph Curry, and personally has a great affinity for Draymond Green, he would not go for it. The Lakers are a ‘mom and pop’ operation, with their own TV network. In order to sell tickets for next year they need to have LeBron. In order to sell advertising they need LeBron. He’s their greatest chance of being successful, and if they trade LeBron they’re probably going to have to trade Anthony Davis as well, he’s a Klutch [Sports] client, they moved mountains to get him, they’re going to start over. Yeah, it’s not happening. I don’t ‘think’, I KNOW it’s not happening. I know Nick Wright and Colin Cowherd have echoed ‘WELL, IT’S POSSIBLE!’… No, it’s not. It doesn’t take into account the realities of things.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Doug Gottlieb of Fox Sports Radio tamp down the rumors about LeBron James possibly linking up with Steph Curry in Golden State as a part of a blockbuster trade with the Lakers that has been popularly hypothesized this week, as Gottlieb said those theories are not based in reality.

Check out the audio above as Gottlieb outright guarantees LeBron is NOT traded to the Warriors, and lists all the reasons why it’s just not possible.

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