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Former NBA Player Rips LeBron James: 'You're a Stat Sheet Junkie'

Kwame Brown [talking about LeBron James]: “You a stat sheet junkie. You a bad boy when it comes to stats. Throughout history the little nerds are going to look up your stat line and they’re gonna say ‘he’s got to be the greatest player who ever played the game’ and people who actually play are going to know that is bullsh*t. I have never seen a guy of your caliber, or ‘supposed’ caliber, you don’t even get a shot [at the end of Game 4 vs. Denver] off?? I played with Richard Hamilton and he would have gotten a shot off. Hell, Gilbert Arenas would have gotten a shot off right then. You didn’t even get a shot off. We don’t even know if you would have hit the shot, you didn’t even get it off. Where is your little touch move? You supposed to be the best scorer in the game, you got all these points, but you were looking for a bailout AGAIN. Kobe Bryant would have probably looked at that sh*t, rose up for a three and won the game. That’s what great people do. You can’t say that you’re ‘great’, you gotta do great things. That is where greatness lies, not just driving to the basket and looking to the referee to bail you out.”

Jason Whitlock: “Kwame certainly thinks Michael Jordan is better than LeBron James and he thinks Kobe Bryant, because he also played with Kobe Bryant, is better than LeBron James. He thinks any of these guys—there’s a spot on the court that they would get to where it was curtains. LeBron plays a very primitive style of bully ball. He hits three pointers and he runs over people, that’s been his game. He’s basically calling LeBron ‘unskilled’ in a game of skill.”

Watch Jason Whitlock and Steve Kim of ‘Fearless’ discuss former NBA player Kwame Brown going at the throat of LeBron James following their Western Conference Finals sweep that ended with LeBron getting stuffed at the buzzer by Denver Nuggets defenders.

In the viral video Kwame calls LeBron a ‘stat sheet junkie, and says ‘little nerds’ will look back on his career fondly, but with actual players calling 'bullsh*t' on the idea of LeBron being the greatest player of all time, adding that LeBron is not the guy you want taking the most important shots at the end of games.

Check out the video above as Whitlock and Kim discuss LeBron’s ‘primitive’ style of basketball with Whitlock calling it ‘unskilled bully ball.’

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