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Here's What Colin Cowherd Had to Say About the LeBron-to-Mavericks Rumors

Colin Cowherd: “The story is that Kyrie Irving is interested in bringing LeBron James to the Dallas Mavericks. I don’t think LeBron is loyal to a city like Los Angeles. He’s not going to sell his house. He can go watch his son, it’s called a Gulfstream, just get on a private jet. It doesn’t matter if you’re Mark Cuban, LeBron James, Elon Musk— your hometown is wherever you want it to be. I think absolutely LeBron would take a call from the Dallas Mavericks. LeBron left Cleveland the first time because he didn’t have a star. In Miami they did have a star, but he left age. In Cleveland the second time he left the roster and the erratic Kyrie. I think LeBron looks at this roster… Austin Reaves? Anthony Davis vs. Jokic? The gap was the Grand Canyon. LeBron has been an opportunist and has capitalized on opportunities. Luka is in his prime for ten years, and Dallas is also trying to find someone who plays with him. LeBron plays well with everybody. LeBron has been dying for AD to take over the no. 1 guy role. LeBron doesn’t want to play 70 games, he wants to play 50, and wants to be available in spots to dominate. That’s what you will get with Luka. Luka can carry it, Luka can play 42 minutes, Luka plays 70 games, and LeBron will be great in spots. He can be a mentor and he can distribute. LeBron is good at getting shooters the ball in the right spot and Luka and Kyrie are great shooters, they are built for LeBron. I don’t know how you don’t take this call if you’re LeBron. A former Nike executive runs the Dallas Mavericks and a former player, Jason Kidd, is the coach. This doesn’t seem crazy to me.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss Monday’s wild reports stating Kyrie Irving has reached out to LeBron James about joining the Dallas Mavericks next year, as Colin talks about if he thinks a ‘big 3’ of LeBron, Luka Doncic, and Kyrie Irving could work together.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he thinks LeBron should absolutely take any call from the Mavericks, and why he believes Luka and Kyrie are ‘built’ for LeBron.

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