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Colin Cowherd on Ja Morant's Suspension: 'Ditch Some of Your Loser Friends'

Colin Cowherd: “It feels just about right to me. Adam Silver’s quote was ‘the potential for other young people to emulate Ja’s conduct is particularly concerning.’ It obviously sends the message to Ja: ‘GROW UP… NOW.’ You’re the face of a franchise. Big boy jobs have standards and repercussions for bad actions. You’re a corporation, you’re a franchise, ditch some of your loser friends, they don’t have your best interests at heart, that’s the obvious stuff. I often seen young fans say things like ‘IT DOESN’T MATTER! C’MON MAN!' It’s no big deal to YOU. You’re not a star, a face of a franchise, or have a job that has really high standards. The first sign you have a good job in life, it has standards. A principle can’t be getting DUIs. A school teacher can’t be on Only Fans. A senior vice president of marketing can’t routinely show up late for big meetings. The second sign you have a really good job is that people look up to you, often young people, like a school teacher, or an NBA star. They look up to you, copy you, emulate you, and you have influence on people. Younger people are followers, they join clubs, frats, and sororities. As you get older you ditch all that crap, you don’t’ care, but young people do care, they follow, and they join. We’ve all gotta grow up at some point. Some people it takes a long time. That’s OK, we all have different routes. Ja Morant is not there yet and hopefully this gets him there. Good jobs generally have an impact on not only you but others. Ja Morant has influence, and now it’s time to finally embrace the responsibility of having that influence among the other great things the NBA furnishes you with.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch how Colin Cowherd reacted to Adam Silver and the NBA handing down a 25-game suspension without pay to Memphis Grizzlies superstar Ja Morant after he was involved in another incident where he was seen on Instagram live waiving a pistol.

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