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Jason Whitlock Compares Deion Sanders to Scam Artist Bishop Sycamore Coach

Jason Whitlock: “They compared Deion Sanders to John Thompson at Georgetown. John Thompson built a powerhouse program at a White school in a Black city, Washington, DC. Deion is a Black brand being used to benefit a White school in a White city. 'BLACK POWER! BLACK POWER!' This is so fraudulent. All the bandwagon Black sports fans ditching their Jackson State hoodies for Colorado hoodies—you're selling out no different from Coach Prime. It’s what we do. We love to talk ‘BLACK POWER!’, the ‘TULSA MASSACRE’, AND ‘BLACK WALL STREET’ while taking every opportunity to empower White liberals and enrich White Wall Street. The obvious fraudulence would be hilarious if it weren't so sad. Black elites are the true face of White supremacy. They have no interest in ending oppression, they want to benefit from it. They hate the working class and the poor. They have no moral anchor, no firm set of values. Hypocrisy is their defining moral code. Saturday night’s football game was a culture clash. It was elite vs. the working class. You could see that game for what it was. This was elites vs. working class. Colorado State represented the working class, it’s a university with a $500 million endowment. Colorado represented the elites. A university with a $2 billion endowment. // Deion’s son is one of those private [school], rich and entitled kids. Dude drives a Maybach. Before the game he was out flashing his Rolex in front of the Colorado State players. He wears a big gold chain and drips with all the arrogance of his father. All the money, wealth, and privilege supported Colorado. All those Black, elite millionaires were on Colorado’s sideline. Colorado is basically the Black Duke Blue Devils. If you listened to the Black ESPN broadcast, Mark Jones and Louis Riddick, you would have thought Coach K was patrolling the sidelines for Colorado. You would have thought someone as accomplished as Mike Krzyzewski was patrolling the sidelines for Colorado. They used to make fun of Dick Vitale for kissing Coach K’s butt. Deion has won three FBS football games and Mark Jones and Louis Riddick, and everybody in the media is treating him like he’s Coach K, like he’s re-invented coaching. Think about how Black sports fans and liberal sports fans used to treat Duke like a pariah, and call them ‘racist’, ‘entitled’, and ‘privileged.’ Now that the Black team is Duke, and privileged, and arrogant, and entitled, and hypocritical, and real easy to dislike—oh, now that’s ‘special’, and the greatest thing in the world. And you’re wondering why Colorado State took the field with an attitude, and with animus and emotion bubbling from within? I’ve seen it a million times. City school vs. that rich and entitled school, losing its discipline because the anger and animus has run too high and it ends up costing them the game. If you don’t like Duke and you don’t like the rich private school that is dominating high school sports in your city, you wouldn’t be rooting for Colorado and Deion Sanders. Because you don’t have a set of standards, because you’re controlled by racial idolatry, you can’t see Deion and Colorado for what they are. B.S. High [Bishop Sycamore], Black Duke, fraudulent, using ‘God’ as a shield to mask and cover up the lack of ethics and immorality, the money grab, the radical materialism of the whole thing, the 'sellout', the leaving of Jackson, Mississippi-- ‘your people.’ Poor people in need who could benefit from the economic impact that you’re delivering now for Colorado. You were having an economic impact for Jackson, Mississippi that’s 83% Black, and impoverished, ‘at-risk’ kids, and the George Floyds of the world—you were using your brand to benefit them. And as soon as the liberal White man cut you a check you hightailed it to their neighborhood to deliver those financial benefits to them. It’s fraudulent, you took the money and ran. Admit that you moved for money and security; nothing wrong with that, people make that decision all the time. Quit calling it a ‘God’ thing. That’s Roy Johnson, that’s ‘B.S. High’. It’s fraudulent and everybody in the media is selling it and celebrating it, and pretending like it’s a Black movement. You’re a sellout too. ‘Yeah, I came to Jackson State for God, and I came to Boulder, Colorado and White heaven for God too!’ You did it for the money. Saturday night’s game and Deion's latest ‘60 Minutes’ interview confirmed my suspicion that Deion is a fraud. His relocation to Boulder isn't about God and Black empowerment, it’s all about Deion Sanders and nothing more.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Fearless call out Deion Sanders for turning Colorado football into the ‘Black Duke Blue Devils’, and compare Sanders to Roy Johnson, the head coach of the notable Bishop Sycamore football team who became infamous for masterminding the greatest scam in high school football history.

Check out the fiery segment above as Whitlock calls Sanders’ glamorous reclamation project in Boulder a ‘fraud’, and a part of a hypocritical racial narrative that is being propelled by ‘sellouts.’  

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