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Jason Whitlock: Why Deion Sanders Will Ultimately Fail at Colorado

Jason Whitlock: “Great players I don’t think make great coaches.” 

Seth Joyner: “What is it about Deion besides him being a great player that makes you doubt [that he’ll be a great college coach]? 

Whitlock: “Arrogance. A lot of times incredibly gifted people have flaws that their gifts make up for, but they think their flaws are part of their strength. Deion was not the greatest corner to ever play the game because of his arrogance. I don’t think that’s what made him great. God gave him some incredible gifts in the womb and he maximized that, worked hard and did all that, but it’s not the arrogance. The arrogance is a shield or a beard for some insecurity. He’s my age, we’re both 56. When I see people still wearing gold chains at 56, that’s some insecurity. I’m not a Deion hater. I love would for Deion to be a success, but humility is at the foundation of all sustainable success. Swagger and all this other stuff—we love to talk about it, we love to rap about it, we gotta have it, put it on display—that's all worthless. I see too much arrogance to think this is sustainable // The smart ones are at war with their arrogance. Deion is leaning into his arrogance and confidence. He thinks that’s what makes him successful and that’s a mistake. He came into his post-game press conference screaming ‘RECEIPTS!’, then sat down and started talking about his kid Shedeur, then himself, then he started picking on Ed Werder and other people in the media, and finally by Monday when he started going on Skip Bayless’ show and Pat McAfee, he finally got around to start talking about the kids and everybody else. For long-term sustained success that arrogance is going to bite Deion in the rear-end. I’m rooting for him, I hope he finds this humility, and I hope he hears this in context. I think Deion is well-intentioned but he’s still drunk on his success. I get why, but I hope he come out it.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Fearless have a roundtable debate with former NFL stars Brett Favre, Warren Sapp, and Seth Joyner on the future of Deion Sanders as the head football coach at Colorado, as Whitlock has severe doubts to Sanders being able to emulate his early success for very long. 

Check out the divisive segment as with Whitlock disagrees with the rest of the panel and forecasts Sanders’ downfall, citing Sanders' 'arrogance' as a flaw too fatal to overcome.

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