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Colin Cowherd: Don't Blame the 49ers For Giving Up on Trey Lance

Colin Cowherd: “The media loves over-dramatizing normal events. I read this headline today and it’s the worst headline ever. ‘NINERS COACH KYLE SHANAHAN FINALLY ADMITS DRAFTING TREY LANCE WAS A MISTAKE.’ Well, what the hell did you want? Did you want him to admit it when Trey was there? That would be like announcing you’re divorcing your wife before you told her. ‘Finally’? It was a process, they rolled the dice. That’s what successful and aggressive people do. They gave it time and they moved on. I had been told a year and a half ago that they were deeply concerned with his inconsistency throwing the ball. They called two quarterback coaches that I know. Do you realize the top venture capitalists in America hit only 8% of the time? But at least they take the big swings. They take the big cuts. It’s what successful, aggressive people do. They’re not paralyzed by being wrong, or paralyzed by missing on an investment. The Niners are smart, go look at their team and how many lower-round draft picks have succeeded. George Kittle is an all-time tight end and they got him in the fifth-round. Brock Purdy was the last pick in the draft. They took a big swing on Trey Lance, tried to make it work, and eventually moved off. The Dolphins since Dan Marino left have had 25 quarterbacks start a game. Sports are hard, winning is hard, drafting is hard. The Broncos since Elway left have had 23 quarterbacks start. This morning I looked at Mel Kiper’s draft prospectus on Trey Lance: ‘he’s the definition of a boom or bust prospect.’ He busted—kind of, I think he’ll find his space in Dallas. People say playing quarterback is the hardest thing in sports. No, it’s not. DRAFTING a quarterback is the hardest thing in sports. I thought he would work because of Kyle Shanahan. EVERYBODY works because of Kyle Shanahan.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the continuing fallout of Trey Lance’s exodus in San Francisco, as Colin says the media needs to stop obsessing over false narratives of mishandlings from the 49ers organization and just accept the fact it didn’t work out and both sides mutually separated from one another.  

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