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Former NFL Player Says Russell Wilson Will Be Benched This Season

James Jones: “Russell Wilson last year was not the Russell Wilson that we were all used to seeing. It looked like at times he was, like Sam Darnold, seeing ghosts. Receivers, tight ends-- wide open and he’s not making the throws. People are wide open and he’s trying to get outside the pocket and scramble; interceptions by Russell Wilson. You talk about 4 and 11, I mean, he was ranked 31st in the NFL in a lot of categories. You go get Jarrett Stidham and you give him some nice money. It is obviously not Russell Wilson money but you give him a lot of money to come be a backup quarterback. That right there is already ‘hint-hint’, if you mess up, this kid is going into the game. For me, Russell Wilson is not going to change this season. I don’t see him going from scoring 15 points per game, to scoring 30 points in a Sean Payton offense. It is going to be halfway through this season and you are going to see Jarrett Stidham enter that ball game. I’m not saying he plays extremely bad, but he does not play good. You can’t have a $230 million quarterback ‘managing’ your football game. You have to WIN us football games, that’s why when you came over here from the Seahawks we said the Denver Broncos were missing a piece and Russ was the answer. We have a guy making $10 million behind you that can manage a football game. If Russ doesn’t deliver and win football games for this team, which I don’t think he will, he is going to be benched halfway during this season.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch former NFL player and FS1 ‘Speak’ host James Jones explain why he doesn’t think Russell Wilson will finish this season as the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos. 

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