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Nick Wright Says This NFL Contender is the League's 'Most Overrated' Team

Nick Wright: “Carolina Panthers at four [in his NFC South standings predictions]. Another team, like Houston, who traded away their no. 1 pick. At least Carolina did it to move all the way up to number one to get Bryce Young, but he is going to get killed by a non-existent offensive line, and when he doesn’t get killed he’s going to be throwing to non-existent weapons. That might be the worst offense in the league next year, it’s going to be a tough opening for Bryce Young. Number three [Buccaneers], Baker can only do so much. They’ve got $90 million in dead money. That means 45% of their salary cap space doesn’t exist. There’s a cost to ‘buying’ Super Bowls. I think Baker will be OK, I think he will throw to some good weapons but that team is going to struggle to a degree. Then the most overrated team in the league, the New Orleans Saints [#2 in the NFC South]. The Saints continue to pretend they are in contention and they continue to kick the salary cap can down the road. Eventually those chickens will come home to roost. In the meantime, what they’re going to be able to satiate themselves with is another eight wins. That’s fine but at some point you have to admit you’re not in the championship window. The division champion I have the Atlanta Falcons, led by Offensive Rookie of the Year, Offensive Player of the year, and the pending rushing champion, Bijan Robinson. The Atlanta Falcons will lead the league in rushing, they have Drake London, Kyle Pitts, and they have the have the softest division in the NFL. I think they can go 10-7 and win the NFC South, and Bijan Robinson can have a Marshall Faulk-2,000 yards from scrimmage.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Nick Wright release his predictions for the NFC South standings this season, as Nick has a bold take on who the unexpected division champion will be. 

Check out the segment above as Nick details why he’s selling the Saints and buying the Falcons.

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