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Jason Whitlock Rips 'Simp' Ryan Clark For Tua Tagovailoa Fat Joke Apology

Ryan Clark on NFL Live: “I’m gonna tell you what he [Tua Tagovailoa] wasn’t doing. He wasn’t in the gym, I’ll bet you that. He might have spent a lot of time at the tattoo parlor, he was not at the dinner table eating what the nutritionist had advised. He looks happy. He is thick. He’s built like girls working at Onyx in Atlanta right now on the bottom.” 

Clark’s apology: "When I decided to do TV I had 2 main priorities. 1. Respect all NFL players, coaches, executives and staff members. 2. Earn and keep the respect of those very same people. Those priorities are important to me, and when I miss that mark, I have to hold myself accountable. This game is difficult. Players sacrifice so much to be a part of the 1%. I have a responsibility to those players to be thoughtful in the way I present my opinions of them. In joking about Tua Tagovailoa, I didn’t meet that responsibility. It was never my intention to question Tua’s work ethic or commitment to the game, but I’m also aware enough to know that intent, doesn’t always match impact. How something is presented isn’t always how it’s received by everyone. I do my best to be honest when executing my job as well as being honest when I fall short. I fell short on Monday and for that, I genuinely apologize.” 

Jason Whitlock: “Ryan Clark cracked a joke and to some degree he’s pushed the envelope saying he’s ‘built like a woman.’ He’s pushed the envelope but it’s a joke, it’s the kind of thing that gets said in a locker room. Ryan Clark grew up in a locker room environment, grew up in an NFL environment; that kind of conversation and what he and Marcus Spears were laughing about – that's commonplace in football locker rooms. It’s why you hire a former NFL player, to have that kind of levity. It’s the kind of joke Charles Barkley would make all the time. Not a big deal in my opinion. Ryan Clark triggered me and helped me understand, like this is why this country is lost. You can see it all just from following sports, following football, following the media... We have so dumbed-down this society and we have so elevated people who are stupid, who have no training, haven't been developed, haven't been mentored, haven't been taught anything, into positions of power that they get a little bit of resistance and not only do they fold, they then let you know that they're know-nothings. They then let you know how unqualified they are for their positions. And this is across the board. You're going to think I'm just talking about sports, but this is across the board. People are voting, people are in political offices, people are in power that don't even understand the position that they're in... They need to put a pride flag behind Ryan Clark moving forward, and all of ESPN needs to be just covered in the rainbow and the pride flag. This is gay. That's the only thing I can say, it's gay. We’ve been so feminized. How do we go from Charles Barkley being the gold standard of athletes-turned broadcasters to this? You know who just won the sports Emmy for the best broadcaster, or studio analyst? Ryan Clark. He is the antithesis of what Charles Barkley was, who used to win that award regularly and who had been the gold standard. And we have seen Charles start to back off as well. This is where this entire society and culture has gone... Gay, soft, feminine, emasculated. Ryan Clark can be all those things. He can go on air and cry again, talk about ‘I fed my family with violence’, and all this tough talk, all this tough guy football player; all that is dead and gone. You cracked a joke on a man and then felt like you had to go on TV and apologize. You did it for clout. You don’t even believe it, you just did it for clout because you know that’s what’s in style. ‘OH, LOOK AT HOW HUMBLE RYAN CLARK IS!’ LOOK AT HOW RESPECTFUL HE IS!’ Look at how clueless he is. It’s not just Ryan Clark, it’s the executives at ESPN, and it’s his peers in the media. Before you take a job at ESPN they should make you know what their motto is and what their mission statement is. The motto and mission statement is ‘to serve SPORTS FANS anytime, anywhere.’ That’s the job. ESPN has adondoned the job. They've allowed all these spoiled and pampered athletes who never studied anything in school, just played football, they don’t know what they’re doing—they've allowed them to overtake ESPN. Now the job is ‘when I decided to do TV I had two main priorities: respect all the NFL players, coaches, executives, and staff members, and earn and keep the respect of those very people.’ Are you kidding me? He didn’t say ‘I wanted to inform fans, I want to entertain, I want to serve fans.’ That’s allegedly ESPN’s motto and mission statement. This man just put out a statement saying 'I'm going to serve elite athletes, coaches, executives, staff members, and ownership, I’m going to serve the powerful—screw fans.' That’s what he just said, that’s what ESPN is about. The fans don’t matter. Being a groupie for athletes is the job of other athletes who get jobs on TV. We sat and watched for 20 years Charles Barkley say whatever he wants, criticize whatever athlete he wants, and that used to be celebrated, and now we’ve gone the complete other direction, and this dude is offering up sincere apologies to an NFL player over a fat joke. Tua’s skin isnt that thick, he’s just thin. He called Ryan Clark out and Ryan Clark folded because he wants to be in with the sensitive group, and he wants to show everybody how humble he is, and how accountable he is. A simp and an idiot. The simps and the idiots are all getting rewarded. He’s allegedly the gold standard of studio analysts right now. He won the sports Emmy and may win another for this. Incredible.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Fearless rip ‘simp’ Ryan Clark after the ESPN NFL analyst and former player apologized for a ‘fat joke’ he made about Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s supposed off-season weight gain.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock mocks Clark’s public apology, saying he emasculated himself by folding to the blow-back he received on social media, and once again became the classic case of a former athletes in the media simping for the current generation.

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