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NFL Commentator Compares Daniel Jones to Patrick Mahomes

Chris Collinsworth: “We do the Giants on opening day so I’ve been watching a lot of tape... I’m about a quarter of the way through his [Daniel Jones] season last year, and I’m going to figure out exactly what it is that makes Daniel Jones tick. After the first five games that I’ve seen, I would say that he is – and, boy, people are going to scream when they hear this – he plays the game a little like Patrick Mahomes. When you watch him play, it’s not the first read that he typically beats you on. He is somebody who wants to pull the ball down if it’s not there immediately, he wants to create some space, he’s pretty good at maneuvering up and through the hole... He only runs a 4.8. I went back yesterday when I was watching the tape and went ‘OK, is he fast? How is he getting away from these defensive linemen and edge players?’ He’s a 4.8 kind of guy. Patrick Mahomes is about the same thing, Joe Burrow is about the same thing. Even Tom Brady, who was not a fast guy, knows how to manipulate inside the pocket. Aaron Rodgers does a great job of it, of creating that extra second, two, sometimes three seconds to give his receivers a chance to get open. The one thing I love about this team, and you’re already seeing it in preseason, if Darren Waller can stay healthy this year you can do some things with him that you can’t do with other tight ends. You can play that 3-by-1 set with three receivers on one side, a single receiver on the other side, and that single receiver can be Darren Waller. Defensively, now you’ve got a choice to make—are you going to leave a cornerback over there on him 1-on-1 and leave the safety in the middle of the field to go help with the three-receiver side on the other side, or are you going to tilt your coverage and put an extra safety and play two-deep back there to try and help against Darren Waller? If you go 1-on-1 with him on the outside with the safety on the other side in the middle of the field, you inevitably, Daniel Jones is just going to throw the ball up in the air. We’ve already seen it. We’ve seen it in practice, we’ve seen it in games, he’s just gonna try and take advantage of that big-body mismatch, and that’s going to be something that he didn’t have a season ago. Now you’ve got a strategic advantage on the three-receiver side no matter who it is over there. This is a team who is going to gain an advantage offensively and strategically going into this season, and it wouldn’t surprise me- if Waller stays healthy – that he is the single force that changes this offense.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Cris Collinsworth join ‘The Herd’ with Colin Cowherd explaining why he thinks New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones has a little ‘Patrick Mahomes’ in him. 

Check out the video above as Collinsworth details why New York’s acquisition of former Pro Bowl Raiders tight end Darren Waller could give the Giants the type of lethal weapon that Jones has never had the luxury of using before.

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