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Colin Cowherd Rates the Super Bowl Chances of Every AFC Team

Watch Colin Cowherd rate the Super Bowl chances of every team in the AFC with the first week of the season a little less than three weeks away. 

Colin Cowherd: “We’re going to play Super Bowl ‘Field of Dreams.’ If the end zone is the Super Bowl, what yard lines are teams on?” 

Chargers: “Five-yard-line. Kellen Moore, left tackle Rashawn Slater back, Quentin Johnston the rookie wide receiver has lit up camp.” 

Chiefs: “They’re at the goal line. They were young, those ten rookies should be better. They have two new starting tackles and that concerns me a little.” 

Broncos: “40-yard line. New coaching staff, Tim Patrick, KJ Hamler got banged up, tough division, it’ll be a work in progress.” 

Raiders: “Their own 40-yard line, they are out of field goal range. Josh Jacobs holdout, Darren Waller is gone, Garoppolo’s health – all major concerns on the offensive side of the ball, but they have had a good preseason.” 

Steelers: “30-yard line, makeable field goal. 8-2 when TJ Watt played, they won 6 of their last 7 and Kenny Pickett was more than serviceable.” 

Bengals: “Lost their safeties, but I’d say they’re on the goal line. Upgraded offensive tackle, Orlando Brown. Joe Burrow hurt his calf but he’s fine.” 

Browns: “40-yard-line. Under Stefanski they’ve had the worst record in that division. They have the most expensive offense but does everybody love Deshaun Watson? They’re like Denver, I know they’ve got players but do they have a good ‘team’, I don’t know.” 

Ravens: “30-yard-line. They have a new coordinator and a lot of moving parts at receiver, but Lamar has the second-highest winning percentage among active quarterbacks, so I suspect they’ll be good. There’s a lot of new faces to the offense and the new coordinator worries me a little.” 

Titans: “They’re not bad, I'd say midfield, could go either way, probably out of field goal range. They’ve made the playoffs in three of four years under Vrabel, and Ryan Tannehill does have over a 100 passer rating since he joined the Titans; he’s better than people think... But they don’t have a lot of ‘pow’ offensively on the perimeter and they’ve got to win a certain way.” 

Texans: “Own 25-yard-line. Worst odds to win the Super Bowl, rookie coach, rookie coordinator, and rookie quarterback. It’ll be a rebuild season.” 

Jaguars: “I think they’re gonna be great. Five-yard-line like the Chargers. Calvin Ridley is going to have 120 catches. They’re not great defensively but you don’t have to be to win a Super Bowl. I think they’re going to be wildly electric offensively.” 

Colts: “Their own 25-yard-line. Eighth straight season they have a Week 1 starter who is different. Isn’t that crazy??” 

Bills: “20-yard-line. Stefon Diggs drama concerns me. Lost Leslie Frazier, that concerns me. I like them, I don’t love them, there may be a little bit of a pull-back. Do they really miss Brian Daboll?” 

Patriots: “They’re at the 50. I think they’re out of field goal range. They did hire a legitimate coordinator, but let’s be honest, since Brady left they’re 25-25. They’re well-coached they just don’t have enough juice.”  

Dolphins: “Vic Fangio helps, I like their defense. I think they’re a dark horse Super Bowl team if Tua remains healthy.” 

Jets: “I’m gonna put them at the 30 with Pittsburgh and Baltimore. I don’t know if they have the tackle situation there. They’ve got questions on the o-line, and it’s the first year in New York for Aaron Rodgers. They’ve got nice weapons but it should be noted they haven't made the playoffs since 2010.” 

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