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Jason Whitlock Says Michael Oher is Making Up Lies About the Tuohy Family

Jason Whitlock: “The whole Britney Spears and the use of the word ‘conservatorship’, it created an opportunity for Michael to throw that out there and to pretend like he was exploited. This man has been in control of his own life and own decision-making pretty much since he was three or four years old. Go read his book. He went to school when he wanted, he ran away from homes when he wanted, he lived with his momma when he wanted, he went from house to house, to house. When he didn’t want to take Jimmy Sexton as an agent he made that decision. There are no allegations here that they [the Tuohy family] were negotiating his NFL contracts and milking him out of money. This family is independently wealthy, this is one of the most despicable stories that I’ve ever seen. It’s sad all the way around. This man is clearly broken and needs major counseling. It hammers home just how complicated and how negative we’ve made racial things here in America. Social media over the last 10-12 years changed the racial dynamic and Michael Oher realized ‘oh, I can basically blast this White family and try to milk them out of money, and social media is going to make the media back me up.' I’ve seen Colin Kaepernick use this tactic and ploy; he goes after his adoptive, White parents and the media sells it, and no one pushes back. Bubba Wallace gets to say ‘hey, they hung a noose in my garage and threaten to assassinate me...’ No one questions it, everybody just goes along with it. Michael Oher is sitting around, I think perhaps financially broken or not living the life that he wants to live-- ‘hey, that White family that showed me a lot of love when I was a young boy and no one in my entire family neglected me. Hey, they got a bunch of money, they seem happy, and Mrs. Tuohy’s brand is really strong, and that movie was good to her. The movie didn’t portray me the way I wanted to be portrayed!’ Trust me, if they ever make a movie about me, I’ll complain and say ‘hey man, why didn’t you make me 50-60 pounds lighter, I’m not that fat!’... Despicable.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ call out former NFL player Michael Oher for his ‘delusional’ recent comments alleging that his life portrayed in the Academy Award-winning movie ‘The Blind Side’ was a ‘lie’, and that he was ‘tricked’ by the Tuohy family (played by Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw in the movie) into signing a conservatorship agreement. 

Whitlock says Oher’s ‘obvious lies’ regarding the Tuohy family are simply the product of an emotionally ‘broken’ individual trying to milk a wealthy family out of money and knows the media will promote a Black vs. White racial narrative in his behalf to further push their own agenda.

Here were Whitlock’s full comments on the controversy: 

“What is Michael Oher doing? What he’s doing to the Tuohy family is despicable. He’s telling an obvious lie that he knows most of the media will be too afraid to question because he’s Black, plus the media is lazy. It’s easier to repeat Oher’s allegations than to question and/or research the legitimacy of them. It’s also easier to just feel sorry for Michael Oher. He’s broken. The first 15 years of his life are a tragedy. That’s not my opinion, read his book, his own words. His mother was addicted to crack cocaine and birthed a dozen children with a variety of men. Oher and his siblings would routinely come home and find the door locked, their mother nowhere to be found. She would disappear for days, ingesting cocaine with friends. Her kids, as young as 14 months, would be locked out of their apartment and forced to beg for food and a couch to sleep on. This was a regular pattern. That type of neglect causes lifelong trauma. Oher met his father but had no relationship with him. His grandmother hated him. State social workers eventually intervened. Oher moved from foster home to foster home, school to school, to one friend’s couch to the next. At the time of his 2011 book, after being dissatisfied with his portrayal in ‘The Blind Side’, Oher reached the conclusion that he wasn’t getting nearly enough credit for his rags to riches NFL story. In his book ‘I Beat the Odds’, Oher argued that at the age of seven he watched Michael Jordan slay the Phoenix Suns in the 1993 NBA Finals and he crafted a plan to become a professional athlete. A grown man wrote in a book, ‘when I was 7, I saw Michael Jordan put it on Charles Barkley and I decided I wanted to be a professional athlete.’ Yeah, seven-year-old Michael Oher saved seven-year-old Michael Oher! Not the Tuohys or anyone else. The Tuohys and everyone else simply assisted Oher execute his plan. He planned to be the next Michael Jordan, he wound up being a solid eight-year NFL lineman. For years Oher has complained that ‘The Blind Side’ has made him look stupid, like he wouldn’t read before tutors in high school taught him. He has expressed frustration that the movie suggested the Tuohys' young son taught him football and that Leigh Anne coerced him into being aggressive. Michael Oher wants credit. He wants to be the star and hero of his own movie—most people do. Oher lacks self-awareness, humility, and quite possibly, intelligence. Making $34 million as an average professional athlete will certainly create some delusion. At 6’4” and 300 pounds, Oher fancied himself as the next Michael Jordan or Charles Barkley. He had to be talked into focusing on football when he was in high school. The man thinks hatching a scheme to be a pro athlete at age seven was a sign of brilliance and vision. Michael Oher, if you’re watching this, if someone sends this to you, you hatched a ghetto dream that 99.9% of the time leads to utter failure. Michael Oher, where would you be today had you stopped growing at 5’9” like most American men? Where would you be without the Tuohys? They provided the stable home where a tutor could come work with you every day so you could catch up academically. By your own admission in ‘I Beat the Odds’, you never attended school regularly until you enrolled at Briarcrest Christian School as a sophomore in high school. You think you just showed up and you were Einstein?? Michael Oher is so arrogant and delusional that he believes his natural intellect would have developed regardless of circumstances. It’s a naïve worldview. He’s still naïve. He believes this desperate attempt to shake down the family that welcomed him into their home is a good look and is going to lead to a financial windfall. It’s not. As lazy as the media is, as lazy as reporters and pundits are, they’re going to have to deal with the truth. The Tuohys were wealthy when they took legal guardianship of Oher. They sold their family business for TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS. They had no financial motive to exploit Oher. They exercised no control over his professional career. I just read this man’s own 2011 book that he wrote. The Tuohys are long-time friends with NFL super-agent Jimmy Sexton. The Tuohys wanted Oher to sign with Jimmy Sexton when he left Ole Miss for the NFL. Oher, by his own admission, chose a different agent. The Tuohys didn’t object. He made a mistake, this agent he chose wasn’t as good as Jimmy Sexton, had him working out and preparing for the Draft with Michael Johnson the Olympic sprinter, and this guy is an offensive lineman. Eventually, Michael Oher figured it out, ‘hey, I picked the wrong agent. Maybe I should reconsider and sign with an NFL super-agent who is best friends with the family that welcomed me into their home.' He walked back to Jimmy Sexton. But again, they’re putting out this whole ‘exploit of conservatorship’ nonsense like it’s Britney Spears’ parents controlling all of her money. Michael, reporters, the world-- the Tuohys have, and always have had more money than Michael Oher. They also have more class, decency, and compassion than Oher. Sean Tuohy says he still loves Michael Oher. They [the family] deny all of this and say ‘I don’t need his money, we didn’t make a bunch of money off this money, and what we did we split five ways.’ Their side makes perfect sense. Here’s the deal that everybody’s gonna have to come to grips with-- Michael Oher is every bit as emotionally broken as the first day as an overgrown teenager who slept on the Tuohy’s couch.”

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