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Colin Cowherd: Eric Bieniemy Struggling Without Andy Reid Isn't a Surprise

Colin Cowherd: “Eric Bieniemy had this expectation for years as the guy who couldn’t get the job that he ‘deserved’, that’s what the media kept saying. ‘He deserves a great job, why isn’t he getting the job??’ In Kansas City you have the greatest offensive coach since Bill Walsh in Andy Reid, and then you have the best quarterback talent maybe since Dan Marino in Patrick Mahomes... and a great GM and great owner. They cover up a lot and do a lot. I really didn’t know what Eric Bieniemy did. I thought it was a fair question, it certainly wasn’t unfair. ‘What’s he doing there?’ Mahomes and Andy Reid were running the show. Mahomes and Andy Reid cover up any mistakes anyone would make. Now Bieniemy has an older defensive coach, a new ownership group, and Sam Howell at quarterback. You can get exposed very, very quickly, and you just don’t have the same support system. The media kept clamoring ‘HOW COME THIS GUY ISN’T GETTING THE JOB??’ and I always thought the question was ‘OK, I get it, he’s interviewing, he may not be a great interview.’ I’ve interviewed a lot of people, some people aren’t, they get nervous, they’re anxious, and it just doesn’t work. The second thing, what did he do? Doug Pederson is the offensive coach under Andy Reid that succeeded, many have not. Many of the more successful coaches under Andy Reid are on the defensive side. When you go from the Hunt family: A+, Brett Veach at GM: A+, Andy Reid: A++, Patrick Mahomes: A+++, you can hide some flaws. The creativity is pouring out of the building. I don’t know if Eric Bieniemy is a star coach, but there was this clamoring that he ‘deserved’ it. There are a lot of A+ in that building and I don’t know what Bieniemy is. Could it just be that the building elevated him to a place, and now [he’s] sort of left out on an island with a defensive coach, and that he's NOT what we thought?” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss Eric Bieniemy’s shaky start to his career as Washington Commanders offensive coordinator, as Colin is concerned that a tumultuous Washington organization might not be the best landing spot for a coach in Bieniemy that we still don’t know much about.

Check out the segment above as Colin wonders if Bieniemy was simply being carried by a Chiefs team that boasts one of the greatest offensive coaches in NFL history and one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history as well, as two entities that made everyone in the building look much better than they really are. 

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