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Herd Hierarchy: Colin Cowherd Unveils His Top 10 NFL Preseason Rankings

Photo: Megan Briggs

Watch Colin Cowherd count down his rankings of the top 10 NFL teams heading into the preseason, as Colin releases his first 'Herd Hierarchy' rankings of the 2023 season.

10. Baltimore Ravens: “Lamar Jackson is now signed to a long-term deal, they have added some nice pieces to help him—Odell Beckham, Rashod Bateman comes back, JK Dobbins is healthy now. Lamar has the best offensive weapons of his career, a new coordinator, and hopefully they respect his passing game more because I always thought he was better in the pocket more than anybody wants to admit.” 

9. Los Angeles Chargers: “Justin Herbert now gets a really good offensive coordinator, Kellen Moore, he also gets his excellent left tackle back, Rashawn Slater. Mike Williams and Keenan Allen missed a lot of games last year—first-round pick Quentin Johnston, a wide receiver from TCU has had a remarkable camp.” 

8. Dallas Cowboys: “I do worry about Zack Martin and the loss of Kellen Moore, and they’re a Ceedee Lamb injury away from having to win low-scoring games. I think they’re a bit too Dak-dependent this morning with Zack Martin out and Kellen Moore gone.” 

7. Miami Dolphins: “It’s all on Tua’s health. They did not address the offensive line which was ranked 22nd, but with three different starting quarterbacks their offense was number three. If Tua stays heathy they’re going to score 30 points per game. They're San Francisco East: lotta weapons, a lot of speed, a lot of versatile players, but gotta get Jalen Ramsey back.” 

6. Jacksonville Jaguars: “Trevor Lawrence is ascending, the AFC South is weak, they’ve added Calvin Ridley, Trevor Lawrence and Doug Pederson clicked by Week 8 last year. I see no reason why they can’t challenge Kansas City for the no. 1 seed.” 

5. Buffalo Bills: “Let’s not go crazy, there is some Stefon Diggs drama but they’ve won that division three straight years for a reason—they're simply more talented. Allen did lead the NFL in giveaways last year without Brian Daboll, that worries me.” 

4. Philadelphia Eagles: “Philadelphia loses Shane Steichen the offensive coordinator, but Jalen Hurts is 21-4 in his last 25 starts. The kid is smart, mobile, he’s versatile, he’s coachable, they’re gonna win. Howie Roseman has built an excellent offensive line, they lost some good linebackers, but they add DeAndre Swift and Rashaad Penny, a couple of nice running backs.’ 

3. Cincinnati Bengals: “Joe Burrow is the most sacked quarterback over the last two years. They’ve never really gotten the offensive line right and that’s maybe the difference between the Chiefs and the Bengals. The Chiefs were able to rebuild that o-line in one year and now have the best young center in the game. The Bengals o-line always worries me.” 

2. San Francisco 49ers: “Teams that played San Francisco last year went 0-16 the following week. That’s insane. Why? They beat the you know what out of you. The NFL’s most physical team, they have 8-9 guys who have a chance to be Hall of Famers.” 

1. Kansas City Chiefs: “The team has two new tackles but I’ve seen this team rebuild their receiving corps, their offensive line, and defense in one year, they’ll make it work.” (Full Segment Above) 

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