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Doug Gottlieb: USWNT Success Had More to Do With Women’s Rights Than Talent

Doug Gottlieb: “One of the things that jumps out at me is, outside of Rodman’s daughter it doesn’t feel like we have a level of athleticism that is above that of most of the competition. When you watch high-level soccer, like when you watched Messi when he was playing in the World Cup, it’s just different. I don’t feel like we have any difference makers, which is weird considering we’ve been the best team. The team is in this weird space where you have the mix of old and new—it doesn’t appear to have the joy, the energy, the passion of playing for, 1) each other, or 2) the front of their chest. I’m not going to tell you that they’re all un-American, but you gotta know the room that you’re walking into, and here’s what the US Women’s National Team is walking into. They’re on a gigantic stage, they are the favorites, the last time they competed at the international level was the Olympics in 2020... We took home the bronze. This is not the exact same team, this is three years removed, we can make all the excuses for why it happened, but it did in fact, happen. The rest of the world is clearly catching up. We had suffrage before anybody else, we had women’s high school and college soccer before anybody else, and now everybody else is like ‘this is the most popular sport in the world, we’re going to send our best and our brightest.’ We kind of get bored in America and soccer becomes boring, and some of our best female athletes, a lot of them are playing basketball, volleyball, you name it. We have so many options... Carli Lloyd said ‘you put on that jersey for all the people who came before you and all the people who came after you’... You missed a whole bunch. HOW ABOUT EVERYBODY ELSE?? When you put on ‘USA’ across your chest you represent ME and everybody else, and most importantly, you represent every young girl and young woman in this country. THAT’S how you have to play. You represent the country who had Title IX, you represent the country who had women’s suffrage before almost all of these countries... You won the geographic lottery. You are in the greatest country God has ever seen... The frustrating thing is the idea of sports is you put politics aside and you play representing the front of your chest. US Women’s National Team feels like they’re a separate and distinct entity from the United States and that shouldn’t be what it’s about... I just don’t think we’re that great talent wise. I think our talent is average to slightly-above-average and we win because we just have more quality ladies that have played more higher-level soccer. We don’t have a Ronaldo, we don’t have a Messi, we don’t have a breakthrough athlete. We don’t have any sort of superstar. I really think that’s what’s at play. Those other teams seem to play for their countries. It seems to matter more to them. It is everything to them.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Doug Gottlieb explain the real reason why the United States Women’s National Team has been so underwhelming in the first three games of the World Cup, with Doug detailing why he believes the rest of the world has finally caught up to this US group everyone was assumed was the heavy favorite. 

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb expounds on why socioeconomic privileges were the biggest reason the American women used to experience such immaculate dominance over the rest of the world, and why those advantages are slowly giving way.

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