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Colin Cowherd Defends Sean Payton After Anti-Nathaniel Hackett Rant

Colin Cowherd: “Sean Payton BLASTED former Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett and I liked it. It was authentic. And then Aaron Rodgers, Hackett’s buddy and offensive coordinator with the Jets, defended him this weekend. I’m OK with Sean Payton saying that Nathaniel Hackett stunk, HE DID, we watched. And I love Aaron Rodgers defending his coach. Everybody is so inauthentic and edited. Everybody is being forced into meaningless apologies, it’s OK—big, strong opinions, people don’t like you, it’s okay, I’m for it. I’m kind of over everyone being insincere, everybody being inauthentic... Sean Payton said what he said, Aaron said what he said, I like both. Sean Payton is old school, Parcells, the master psychologist. The five best football coaches of my life, Parcells is one of them, and he really used the psychological playbook and so does Sean Payton. I know him personally, I like him, very outspoken, very upfront, and I think that’s part of the success. When Sean Payton called out Hackett, what he was doing is sending a message to Russell Wilson and his locker room that it was not Russell’s fault, let’s get behind our quarterback. Aaron is here to support his guy so if things go south in that early Jets schedule everybody doesn’t blame his buddy Hackett. The quarterback and the play-caller have to be tight. McVay and Goff in the end didn’t trust each other and it unraveled. Kingsbury and Kyler Murray unraveled this year. They didn’t trust each other and didn’t appear to like each other. Rodgers and Mike McCarthy, Aaron would blow off plays, they lost trust, they didn’t like each other and it unraveled. I don’t know if Russell and Payton are going to work but you gotta go all-in right now.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the sweltering Sean Payton/Nathaniel Hackett/Aaron Rodgers beef that has taken shape the last week since Payton’s shocking demolishing of the former Broncos failure.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why the PR explosion was needed by both parties and why he thinks it’s actually a breath of fresh air.

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