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Rob Parker: Soccer Will Soon Surpass NFL in Popularity in the United States

Rob Parker: “You’ve been ignoring it long enough, you’re acting like it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things... Yes, soccer is huge internationally and outside the United States, and people don’t believe that our traditional sports will ever take a back seat. I’m here to tell you that it won't be long, and I’m going to give it 25 years, that soccer and baseball will overthrow the NFL and become the biggest things in this country. It’s not some hate on the NFL, the NFL is great, it’s Sunday, it’s once a week, it’s perfectly put together... But in this country as it turns more and more Hispanic, they will be the majority in this country and it ain’t 200 years from now. Not that Hispanic people don’t love football, [they’re] crazy about soccer, crazy about baseball. The Dodgers sell four million tickets. The Hispanic community [in LA], they LOVE the Dodgers. Here’s the other things that will finally do it—A), more and more kids’ parents aren’t letting them play football. We will eventually see a decline in the talent because some parents will just say ‘we don’t want you to play football because we know more about CTE.’ When gambling becomes a national thing and every state has it, there are more baseball games to gamble on, which will be a bonanza for baseball financially. And the game is slow enough that I can bet on every pitch, if a guy hits a home run, if a guy walks; not just the game. Football you only have 17 games. I remember when the Lakers and the Dodgers both won the championship, who had the higher TV ratings in Los Angeles? It was the DODGERS. I’m not talking about next week, 25 years from now they will replay this take because I see which way it’s going. Ignore soccer all you want, it will be a dominant, probably a number one with baseball, and those two sports in the next 25 years will be the sports that are the most popular in the country.” (Full Segment Above) 

Listen to Rob Parker discuss Lionel Messi’s premiere with Inter Miami of the MLS, and present his theory on why he believes soccer and Major League Baseball will eventually surpass the NFL in popularity here in the United States. 

Check out the segment above as Rob details why he believes this will be our new reality in 25 years despite it seeming nearly impossible in 2023. 

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