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Jason Smith: Patriots Will Be the Biggest 'Sh*tshow' in the NFL This Season

Jason Smith: “Eight days ago we said Bill Belichick was coaching for his life with the Patriots this season, then what do we get the 24 hours? ‘BILL BELICHICK IS ON THE HOT SEAT.’ We told you this a week ago. This is it for Belichick, he is 100% coaching for his job. There are so many things that have happened already that show you the momentum is there. You have the Belichick/Kraft, ‘hey, we’re not spending as much as other teams!’ We already know Bob Kraft is upset they haven’t made the playoffs. Then the Mac Jones party in the Hampton’s pic with Tom Brady. The lack of any kind of urgency to build a roster, which Belichick has not done. The lack of any urgency to build Mac Jones. The ridiculous decision to say ‘I don’t need an offensive coordinator, I'll have my defensive coordinator be the offensive coordinator.' He has made HORRIBLE decisions the last couple years. The biggest sh*tshow in the NFL this year is going to be the Patriots. There is built-in interest in what happens here. You already know the owner and head coach are at odds, and you already know the quarterback is not a big fan of the head coach. Brady already had to fight that battle. Nobody is on the same page and Belichick has run this team into oblivion the last couple of years. Now you have every team in the AFC East better on paper than the Patriots are. What have the Patriots done that will make you think they’ve kept up with those teams? NOTHING. It’s going to be an absolute sh*tshow with the Patriots. It’s gonna be ‘is Belichick gonna make it the whole season?’, ‘is he going to retire in the middle?’, ‘is he going to quit?’, ‘is he going to quit so he can get another job next year?’ That’s the kind of ****show it’s going to be in New England all season long. I’m not saying the Patriots are going to go 0-16, although they’re going to start out really horribly because it’s Philadelphia, Miami, Jets, Dallas, New Orleans, Vegas, Buffalo, and Miami their first eight games. They’re gonna start 0-4, it’s going to be disappointing, they’ll be in last place in the AFC East, and every day it will be ‘is this it for Bill Belichick in New England?’” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Smith of Fox Sports Radio explain why he thinks the 2023 New England Patriots will be the league’s biggest ‘sh*tshow’, as Smith says the season is going to be defined by mounting losses, and the constant chatter of Bill Belichick either stepping down or being fired. 

Check out the segment above as Jason details why it was painfully obvious that Belichick was steering towards a messy breakup with the franchise he won six Super Bowls with. 

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