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Jason Whitlock Calls Megan Rapinoe an 'Attention Wh*re' For Recent Stance

Jason Whitlock: “Rapinoe made news recently saying she sees trans women as ‘real women’ and would welcome a trans woman on the US Women’s Soccer Team. Riley Gaines, the University of Kentucky swimmer who competed against William ‘Lia’ Thomas, had some comments about this: 
Riley Gaines: ‘Not only is she just a high-profile athlete, she’s also someone who fought for women in sports. She fought for equal pay, she fought for equal access, equal resources, all of those things in comparison to the women’s US National Soccer Team to the men’s, and now she is undermining her fight entirely. Notice how earlier this week she announced her retirement, so she’s done playing. This is a classic case or virtue-signaling. She wants to be seen as ‘kind’, she wants to be seen as ‘inclusive’, but it is not inclusive what she’s fighting for. It’s actually ‘exclusive’. It’s exclusive to the very female athletes who the women’s sporting category was created to protect. It’s not kind to ask a girl to undress in front of a man in the locker room. That is the exact opposite of kind.’ 
Steve Kim: “I would just load up that whole US women’s soccer team with trans males, we’d be unbeatable. Our men’s team is never going to win. Let’s load up the whole women’s team with a bunch of transformers, we will blank teams 10-0. We’ll be a dynasty. Is that what she really wants? I find Meg Rapinoe to be contemptible. It’s even worse that we give her a platform, and we’re supposed to pretend to take her seriously? She is not a serious person, she just isn’t. It bothers me that we give her a platform and give her a megaphone to even say this stuff.”
Whitlock: “I’m going to be succinct here and summarize Megan Rapinoe just as honestly and coldly as I can. She’s an attention wh*re, end of story. She says these things for attention, that’s it. She’s not the only one, men are attention wh*res as well, but that’s all this is. She’s on her way out, she’s not as newsworthy as she used to be, everybody is kind of over her and it’s ‘here’s a way I can get my name in the news cycle!’ She's addicted to attention, and we keep giving it to her so she’ll keep saying stupid things.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ blast former United States Women’s National Team soccer player Megan Rapinoe for comments she recently made regarding trans females competing alongside biological women in the sport of soccer, with Whitlock wondering why the media even still gives the now-retired Rapinoe a platform to remain relevant. 

Check out the segment above as Whitlock calls Rapinoe out for being an ‘attention wh*re’ who continues to ‘say stupid things’ just to stay in the headlines.

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