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Colin Cowherd: Bills Are Preparing Themselves For Life Without Stefon Diggs

Colin Cowherd: “Joe Burrow said ‘you won’t be a great team if your best players aren’t close.’ That’s why it’s really important when you are drafting a quarterback to get the right personality. You want a guy who can be a leader, a worker, he’s in the room a lot, he relates to players—it matters. Brady, Edelman, and Gronk, Mahomes and Kelce, Montana and Rice, all were close—ten total Super Bowls. Aaron Rodgers/Jordy Nelson, closest relationship he ever had. Peyton Manning and Dallas Clark. Matt Stafford immediately connected at a high level with Cooper Kupp. Big Ben in his last 7/8 years was not close to young receivers, and they struggled. Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs, we’ve got warning signs. Stefon Diggs has battled Kirk Cousins and Josh Allen. The New England, Kansas City, and Cincinnati guys were unique. They would hang in the off-season, they’d go to the Kentucky Derby, they’d go to Vegas, they’d go to big events. They like each other, it matters. Diggs is still in his prime and has tremendous value but look at the architecture in Buffalo. They went and got the best tight end in the Draft. They now have two very good tight ends, they’ve got a running back, they drafted another wide receiver that Josh Allen has already publicly said nice things about. What does it mean? They’re going to be less reliant on Stefon Diggs. Once a relationship between a quarterback and receiver goes south, you can't unsour the milk. You gotta throw the milk out and you’re not getting rid of quarterbacks, and in most cases the wide receivers leave. As great as Ja’Marr Chase or Travis Kelce is, if they were a problem, they’d be gone. Tyreek Hill wanted the ball more, saw himself as the centerpiece of the offense... Kansas City moved on and won a Super Bowl without him. Does Buffalo have to take a step back? Watch the Bills this year run the ball with more consistency, target the tight ends with more consistency, and try to become less reliant on Stefon Diggs. Once a quarterback/receiver goes south, it’s hard to get it north. I sat for five minutes and couldn’t think of a single one where they went sideways, reeled it back in, and they were great friends.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the off-season rift between star Bills players Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs, as Colin wonders if the Bills are going to feature an offense this season that relies a lot less on Diggs as a way of showing themselves that they can safely move on from Diggs if the beef between the All-Pro receiver and Allen continues.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why the signs aren’t pointing to a bright future for Diggs in Buffalo. 

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