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Rob Parker Calls Out Damian Lillard: 'He's a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing'

Rob Parker: “Why am I not surprised that Damian Lillard is a HYPOCRITE? It was one thing when other people were doing it and you were pointing your finger looking down on people saying ‘I’M IN THE GRIND, I’M DOING IT THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY ORGANICALLY!’ And now he’s turned into a dictator. The Portland Trailblazers are now supposed to bow down to a guy who never won them anything? Let’s just keep it real. What have you won to demand that they give you what you want? They gave you a ton of money, you should have opted-out before you signed your extension. Go somewhere else if you didn’t wanna be there. To talk about what other people have done and then to do the same damn thing? REALLY? Dame is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He was supposed to be ‘different.’ He was OK with being the ‘big fish in the small pond.’ Then when it came his turn he stuck out his chest, put on high-heel sneakers, and did the same thing everybody else is doing. ‘Dame Dollar’? I’m sorry, you should be ‘Dame 50 Cent’, because you ain’t all the way there. You have decided to join the Dark Side, the Evil Empire. And it’s OK, it’s just much better if you didn’t have that little Twitter battle where you were trying to be self-righteous and tell everybody else what they were doing. That’s the issue I have. If he didn’t go that route, do what you want, but now, all of the sudden, with your biological championship clock ticking, you want everybody to bend over eight ways to make your life better and do what YOU want? I’m sorry, If I’m the Portland Trailblazers I might hold onto him or do something else just to spite him.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Rob Parker rip Damian Lillard after reports surfaced that Lillard had not only made demands to the Blazers that he wants to be dealt to the Miami Heat and only the Miami Heat, but also that he insisted on Portland making a deal that would allow him to play alongside Heat stars Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo as well.

Check out the segment above as Parker calls Dame Dollar ‘Dame 50 Cent’ for handcuffing the Blazers front office, as Rob and Chris Broussard look at an old tweet Lillard made to Paul George calling him out for changing and following other stars to form superteams.

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