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Colin Cowherd: Why You Don't Want James Harden on Your Team in 2023

Photo: Timothy Nwachukwu

Colin Cowherd: “To me, James Harden is known for three things: the beard, drawing cheap fouls, and trade requests. That’s the James Harden triple-double. He’s still a productive 20-10 guy, but no defense, no leadership, getting old fast, never took care of his body, and doesn’t fit in many places. The Clippers has a ‘Brooklyn’ feel with KD and Kyrie, the difference, of course, is Kawhi and Paul George is a better basketball fit, as he doesn’t play a lick of D but Paul George and Kawhi are great defenders. James Harden is a great example of ‘you will be as successful as your effort level and personality allows.' Harden is strictly an offensive player, quirky personality, you can’t build around him, defense--awful, conditioning--below average. That’s what his effort level and personality allowed him to be. You get these occasional athletes who are all-time greats, the difference, of course, is when you hold yourself accountable it’s much easier to hold others accountable. But Harden could never hold other teammates accountable. He wasn’t in good shape and he didn’t play any defense. How are you going to hold other guys accountable when you don’t come into camp in shape and when you play your way into shape? Kobe and MJ were relentless, but the key to them is that they were so intense and so committed that they could tell guys ‘this is how hard I work, work this hard or you’re done.’ James Harden’s game always felt like a tax loophole. He caught the IRS and NBA off-guard. Nobody saw the step-back move coming. Nobody was quite sure it was legal. Then the NBA/IRS mostly eliminated the loophole and it was never the same. Steph Curry is older than James Harden but because of his personality he plays well with others and has a commitment and effort level. He is a fully charged battery. James Harden is a better athlete but he’s a battery you’re hoping makes it to the end of the road trip. Clippers are probably the best fit but he doesn’t fit perfectly anywhere. Steph Curry is older and fits everywhere.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss James Harden's pending exodus from the Philadelphia 76ers, as Colin doesn’t believe the polarizing 33-year-old is a ‘perfect fit’ for any one team. 

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he thinks Harden has had such a distinguished, yet underwhelming NBA career.  

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