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Colin Cowherd Says This Team (Not Heat) is the Best Fit For Damian Lillard

Photo: Alika Jenner

Colin Cowherd: “There’s an understanding in the NBA that Dame is a very valuable piece… Most people, the media especially, look at Miami… May I suggest Milwaukee? By the start of next season Dame will be 33 and Jimmy Butler will be 34. Dame is off back-to-back years with some injuries so he’s aging but he’s still a dynamic player. I went to the last ten NBA champions and looked at their two best players in the Finals. NONE had two players in their 30s and NONE had two players in their mid-30s. One of the older ones was KD at 28 and Curry at 28. LeBron was 35 in the Bubble but Anthony Davis was 28. If you send an aging Dame to the Bucks, Giannis is 28, Dame is 33, and that fits the championship model. Don’t confuse ‘experience’ with ‘age.’ Experience is crucial in the playoffs, age can be a liability. Portland has all sorts of guards, do they really need Tyler Herro? What they could use is Khris Middleton, a wing, a shooter with Scoot Henderson and Anfernee Simons. They’ve got Nurkic, they’ve got really young backcourt talent, what they don’t have is a wing that can shoot. Khris Middleton and maybe some picks. The belief is Dame and Miami is ‘perfect’, the reality is Milwaukee is the better fit and could give you Jrue Holiday AND Middleton to Portland for Dame and maybe one of the younger players. A dominant big and a great shooter. You don’t need Dame to be a great defender, which he’s not, because Giannis is your rim protector. Milwaukee is the much better play here than Milwaukee.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he doesn’t think the Miami Heat are the best fit for Blazers star Damian Lillard despite the media making it seem like Jimmy Butler and the blossoming Heat offer him the best destination for next season.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why the Milwaukee Bucks make a more suitable trade partner.

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