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Colin Cowherd Says this NBA Blockbuster Trade Could Save the Suns & Knicks

Colin Cowherd: “Where Bradley Beal is an imperfect fit, DeAndre Ayton is a toxic one. Ayton gives you about 18 points per game and 10 rebounds but he views himself as more of a scorer. Eighteen points is nothing to laugh at. Now, with KD, Booker, and Beal on that roster, Ayton will never get looks and he tends to pout if he’s not including in the offense. He is now a BAD fit in Phoenix. Good player, not great, BAD fit. He pouted last year when he had to guard Jokic and wasn’t getting shots. The move that makes sense to me is the New York Knicks' need. Mitchell Robinson is exactly what the Suns need. A defensive-minded rebounding big who doesn’t need touches and won’t pout when he doesn’t get the ball. He’s like a Robert Williams with the Celtics and knows his role. What the Knicks need is somebody to help Jalen Brunson and a big that can score. DeAndre Ayton will get the ball, he will feel included, he’ll get his looks, he’ll average 18-20 a game, and you get the happy DeAndre Ayton. In Phoenix with Beal he will never get the rock. He’ll pout, he’ll be disengaged, he’s now a toxic fit. I would do a Mitchell Robinson/Josh Hart deal from the Knicks. Josh Hart can play defense, Mitchell Robinson can play defense, one doesn’t need the ball at all. Then the Knicks get what they need in the East. With Giannis, Embiid, Bam, you need some size and somewhat of an offensive threat. You bring Ayton over with Brunson, you’ve already got RJ Barrett, you’re less reliant on Julius Randle’s scoring, and maybe you can move him. Suns and the Knicks makes sense to me.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd float a blockbuster trade scenario involving the Phoenix Suns and the New York Knicks following Phoenix’s acquisition of former Washington Wizards All-Star shooting guard Bradley Beal.

Check out the segment above as Colin breaks down a Mitchell Robinson and Josh Hart for DeAndre Ayton deal, and why it would save both teams next season, including freeing the Suns from a ‘toxic’ Ayton situation.

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