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Ric Bucher Pushes Back on Suns as Title Contenders After Bradley Beal Trade

Ric Bucher: “I’m not arguing with making the deal for Bradley Beal.”

Colin Cowherd: “They gave away nothing!”

Bucher: “Fair, they said they were going to waive Chris Paul anyway, and they really didn’t give anything up to get Bradley Beal. I’m not mad at the deal, I’m mad at the idea that Bradley Beal now makes them considerably better or more of a threat to win a championship than they were. I think he makes them better, I think he makes them a better regular season team, and makes them a bigger attraction… It’s a good team but let’s not put them in the championship conversation. I don’t know if I would put the Phoenix Suns in the top five teams in the league right now.”

Cowherd: “Timeout, I get KD, Booker, and Beal, none of those guys have ever been afraid to take ‘the shot.’”

Bucher: “Who is going to get them the ball? They have the same issue as Boston, but they’re not as good defensively, and not as good of bench.”

Watch NBA insider and FS1 co-host Ric Bucher join Colin Cowherd on The Herd to discuss the blockbuster Bradley Beal for Chris Paul trade, as Ric isn’t as bullish as many in the media who have suddenly anointed the Suns as the favorites in the Western Conference after the one-sided trade.

Check out the segment above, however, as Bucher pushes back on the Suns as title contenders, with Bucher questioning the Suns even being included in his top 5 teams, and not being in the ‘championship conversation’ despite acquiring the highly-coveted Wizards star.

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