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Alex Stein Says Brittney Griner and the WNBA 'Owe Me An Apology'

Jason Whitlock: “Why did you do this?”

Stein: “Calling out woke athletes. This is so crazy about how insulated Brittney Griner is. She was literally the biggest political story for a year and not one journalist from any major outlet at ESPN, CNN, ABC, blah, blah, blah will ever ask her a hard-hitting question. And me, just asking that question was like considered assault, the Mercury statement even used the word ‘hate’. I don’t hate Brittney Griner, I think she’s a great college basketball player, and women’s college basketball is actually pretty interesting to me. I respect her as being one of the greatest athletes in that, but to not be able to ask her a few questions? Like, that’s not based in hate. She’s so insulated that me doing this has become a level of hate but really I need to spit out these facts… THESE LADIES SHOULD BE THANKING ME. THEY’RE ABOUT TO GET CHARTERED FLIGHTS. THEY DON’T HAVE TO GET ON SOUTHWEST AIRLINES ANYMORE AND GO FROM INDIANAPOLIS TO DALLAS, OR WHATEVER, SO NOW THEY’RE ABOUT TO GO TO FIRST CLASS AND THEY’RE NOT GONNA HAVE TO GO THROUGH TSA AND GET FONDLED BY SECURITY ANYMORE. Now Brittney doesn’t have to worry about if she has a little medicinal in her bag, she’s not gonna have to go through security on a new charter flight. Brittney Griner needs to have a 'Primetime Alex Stein' bobblehead day, and this WNBA Players Association, Brittney Griner’s agent, and Brittney Griner’s teammates all owe me apology… The WNBA played the victim, they turned me into a January 6th insurrectionist for asking her a question. This is the most publicity they’ve gotten in five years other than Brittney Griner’s weed arrest. They don’t realize that they put me over like the AOC ‘big booty Latina’. When she [AOC] went and responded to that, played the victim, and made 16 Instagram posts, and made it a way bigger deal, she ‘put me over’ in professional wrestling terms, when you let the younger wrestler beat you because it’s all fake to put them over to help him advance in his career, and that’s what the WNBA did… I don’t even dislike Brittney Griner but do you think she’ll ever answer hard questions or ever get to have an opinion on anything?”

Watch Alex Stein, the infamous political troll and right-wing agitator, join ‘Fearless’ with Jason Whitlock to document what exactly happened during his contentious Dallas-Fort Worth Airport run-in with WNBA star Brittney Griner last week that took the sports world by storm.

Check out the interview above as Stein explains to Whitlock his motive for berating the women’s basketball player who was controversially included in a prisoner swap to free Griner from a Russian prison last month, and why he thinks the media needs to stop labeling Griner and the WNBA as the ‘victims’ in the bizarre ordeal.

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