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Colin Cowherd Says This NBA Star Could Make the Miami Heat Title Favorites

Colin Cowherd: “The perfect fit for the Heat is Damian Lillard. Lillard has said that’s one place that works, and he’s friends with Bam Adebayo. A moment last night that tells you where Miami is was late fourth quarter, they desperately needed a basket and they gave the ball to 37-year-old Kyle Lowry and said ‘GO COOK!’ and he got hammered by Aaron Gordon. The Heat are not dynamic enough, it’s bad. Their starting backcourt was 1 for 10 and Jimmy Butler has now gone to a couple Finals and he looks gassed at the end because he’s their go-to offensive scorer. He needs help bad. Steph Curry always had somebody, and LeBron always had somebody else who could get a bucket or get hot. Butler just needs help. It’s a win for Dame because he can finally vie for a championship and joining Miami makes them a championship level team. We know what Boston is. I don’t think there is another level for Boston. Miami beat Boston and I think they have another level. Dame would take you to another level. We’ve seen what Boston is. Milwaukee is going to reboot, Philadelphia is going to make some moves. New York will get better but I don’t think Boston will. I know what Miami is too, but they’d be significantly better with an elite scorer. Portland has the number three pick, that’s probably going to be Scoot Henderson, who is their next great guard. They’ve also got some good young players. They can maybe get a Tyler Herro, a bunch of draft picks, and Portland can reboot. Nurkic gets hurt too much, Dame is small and hurt, it’s time for a reboot in Portland and Dame is one of those personalities-- he’s smart, has been around the league for a while, he gets it, he’ll fit in anywhere. That game was all tied up late. Put Dame on that team, potentially a different outcome. You wouldn’t have to look for Jimmy Butler every time down the floor. Dame would be your leading scorer, Butler would be your best overall two-way scorer, Bam could be your third scorer. If you kept Tyler Herro as your fourth that’s a championship team.”

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks this NBA superstar could be the final puzzle piece towards a championship for a Miami Heat team that just made one of the most unexpected runs to the Finals in league history.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he thinks the Heat should make a run at Damian Lillard.

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