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Twitter Couldn't Get Enough of Pete Davidson's Viral Basketball Mixtape

A video showing actor and comedian Pete Davidson playing basketball has gone viral.

Davidson recently played in a pickup game at the University of Las Vegas' basketball gym and clips were put together in a highlight reel that included Meek Mill's hit song 'Ima Boss (feat. Rick Ross).'

"Introducing our newest walk-on.. Pistol Pete Davidson," the UNLV Men's Basketball Twitter account wrote on Wednesday (June 7).

The highlights show Davidson driving through the lane and making multiple layups, hitting an outside shot, dishing the ball to teammates and grabbing rebounds. The video, which has more than a million views on multiple pages as of Thursday (June 8), was re-shared by numerous Twitter users and popular account, including Barstool Sports' main account, which tweeted, "Pete Davidson can hoop."

Numerous other users provided hilarious responses to the video.