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Jason Whitlock Rips 'Woke' ESPN For Not Defending Sam Ponder on Lia Thomas

Jason Whitlock: “USA Today published a column attacking ESPN broadcaster Samantha Ponder for a tweet that supported University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines. Gaines has earned popularity speaking out against the trend of gender dysphoric biological males competing in girl’s sports. She swam against William ‘Lia’ Thomas in the NCAAs. Last week via Twitter, Gaines shared a handful of messages she received from California parents and young girls upset that biological boys were competing against girls in the state's high school track meet. Ponder re-tweeted Gaines and added a comment ‘I barely said anything publicly about this issue and I've had so many people message me and stop me in the street to say ‘thank you’ and tell me stories about girls who are afraid to speak up for fear of lost employment, and being called hateful. It is not ‘hateful’ to demand fairness in sports for girls.' This tweet sparked a nasty rebuke from Nancy Armour, a USA Today columnist. Nancy wrote: ‘DON’T BE FOOLED BY THE PEOPLE WHO SCREECH ABOUT FAIRNESS TO CLOAK THEIR BIGOTRY TOWARDS TRANSGENDER GIRLS AND WOMEN. THE TRANSGENDER GIRLS AND WOMEN WHO HAVE THE AUDACITY TO WANT TO PLAY IN SPORTS IN PARTICULAR. THIS IS AND ALWAYS WAS ABOUT HATE, FEAR, AND IGNORANCE.’ According to Nancy Armour, Sam Ponder is a bigot now because she believes biological boys and girls should compete in separate sports. Where are the men at ESPN and throughout the sports world speaking out in support of Samantha Ponder and Sage Steele? Another ESPN employee who has been vocal on the trans sports issue. Why are jocks, sports pundits, and men betraying Ponder defending Gaines? If Mina Kimes gets a mean tweet about her lack of qualifications to be considered an NFL insider, the white and black knights of ESPN rushed to Twitter to protect their Asian queen. There's no rush to publicly rally around Ponder or Steele because there's no money or social media clout to be gained. You can't elevate your corporate equity index pointing out the absurdity of men competing against women. Every male ex-jock at ESPN knows it's unfair for biological boys to compete against girls. They're experts on the topic. They know far more about competing in athletics than they do about law enforcement, the criminal justice system, and American history, yet they can't wait to hop on television to second-guess law enforcement, they can't wait to offer bold opinions about subjects they know very little about, but boys competing against girls? Silence. It is as fundamental a topic as there is in sports. It's the equivalent of debating Jordan vs. LeBron or the NFL careers of Tim Tebow and Colin Kaepernick. Why is ESPN avoiding the subject? Because the executives running the network are petrified of the ‘Alphabet Mafia’ [LQBTQ], and the on-air talent fear social media backlash. It's collective cowardice. Two women at ESPN, Ponder and Steele, have more courage than Mike Greenberg, Stephen A. Smith, Ryan Clark, Dan Orlovsky, Jalen Rose, Max Kellerman, and all the other men combined. It's embarrassing. This is what happens when everyone is chasing the bag. It empowers social media to eliminate common sense. I have sympathy for men and women who believe they were born the wrong gender but common sense makes it clear that not everything is for everybody. A boy who thinks he's a girl doesn't get to compete in girl's sports, that's life. No different from how I've long thought I would look great in a size 32 skinny jeans. They're not for me, they don't fit. The solution to dysphoria is not pandering to someone else's delusion, it's helping them come to grips with reality, and the reality is the silence of men on the issue of trans athletes speaks to our betrayal of women and God.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ discuss ESPN broadcaster Sam Ponder appearing in the news recently after taking heat online for supporting Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines’ comments on transgender athletes.

Gaines has been vocal on the topic of biological women competing against biological men in college sports after Gaines tied transgender University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas in the 2022 NCAA Championships.

 Ponder was at the ire of USA Today columnist Nancy Armour, who called Ponder a ‘bigot’ for supporting Gaines’ stance that transgender athletes pose a fundamental threat to women’s sports.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock rips the ‘woke’ men at ESPN who failed to publicly back Ponder, but at the same time will rush to the side of fellow-ESPN broadcaster Mina Kimes when Kimes posts ‘mean tweets’ that were sent to her.

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