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Colin Cowherd Believes Warriors Will Trade Klay Thompson

Colin Cowherd: “Chris Paul to the Warriors: ‘WHAT?? THE OLD GUY! I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT!’ Warriors fans hate Chris Paul. It means the Warriors are older and smaller. No general manager in the league is pivoting to size and saying ‘PLEASE! I WANT TO GET OLDER AND SMALLER!’ What it also means is now Steph Curry can occasionally play off the ball. Because of his shooting ability and his movement he can play the two, occasionally. The leadership, scoring, and ball handling is a lot, it wears you down, and Steph is 35. Part of this [the Chris Paul trade] is to get Steph off the ball occasionally. But did you see who the Warriors then drafted last night? Brandin Podziemski. He’s Klay Thompson. West Coast kid, non-traditional basketball power, who can shoot and play immediately. They could bring back Klay, Steph, Payton, Moody, the new kid, and Chris Paul— six guards, 50% of the roster for a team who felt too small last year? Really?? This is why I think they should trade Klay Thompson. Kid [Podziemski] is healthier, younger, and can shoot. Bob Myers, the architect of this, had a lot of loyalty to all these players, but Mike Dunleavy Jr. does not. Chris Paul doesn’t necessarily fit the Warriors, he’s a plodding mid-range player who likes to walk it up the floor. The Warriors are all about speed, motion, and threes. He doesn’t fit, right? But it does if you’re going to move Steph Curry off-ball occasionally, and then draft Klay’s replacement. Oh, that’s what they’re going to do I think. Do you need Steph at two, Klay at two, and the new kid at two? Milwaukee is big, Boston just got bigger, Phoenix has size, Denver is huge, the Lakers are big— another guard?? I know they moved Jordan Poole but I believe there has to be another move coming. If you look at the Bulls dynasty, which Steve Kerr was a part of, it was always Phil Jackson, Michael, and Scottie. The rest of it was always movable. If you look at the Warriors dynasty, people think it’s four, in my opinion it’s three— Kerr, Steph, and Draymond and everything else is movable. I think there’s more moves coming.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the Warriors unexpected trade to acquire Chris Paul from the Wizards, as Colin believes Paul’s addition paired with Golden State’s drafting of Illinois shooting guard Brandin Podziemski could be signaling the end of Klay Thompson in San Francisco.

Check out the segment above as Colin believes a Klay trade could be imminent, and why new Warriors GM Mike Dunleavy Jr. is foreshadowing the move with what he’s done so far during his first few weeks at the helm after he took over for Bob Myers.

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