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Jason Whitlock Says Stefon Diggs Has 'Leverage' on Bills Because He's Black

Jason Whitlock: “It reminds me of Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger. I think it’s very rare for a superstar quarterback and a superstar wide receiver to have this type of animus between them, and it seems one-sided right now. Stefon Diggs has a problem with Josh Allen. Josh Allen is trying to take the highroad and taking responsibility for it. I don’t buy that it’s Josh Allen’s fault, but what I think is going on— I think Stefon Diggs wants out of Buffalo. I think he’s a diva. He had problems in Minnesota, he’s been in Buffalo for three years, it’s cold in Buffalo, Buffalo is not one of the greatest NFL cities of all time, his brother plays in Dallas, and Dallas is one of the great NFL cities. I’m not saying Buffalo is not a great sports town but it’s COLD and there’s not a lot to do. I think Stefon Diggs wants out of Buffalo and he’s going to remain a problem in Buffalo until he gets out of there. I think he’s got the mindset of an NBA player— ‘player mobility', 'player empowerment’, ‘let’s throw a tantrum’, ‘let’s become enough of a headache that they trade me and get me out of here’… I don’t think he believes that the Bills can win a Super Bowl with Patrick Mahomes and Joe Burrow in the AFC, and now Aaron Rodgers in the AFC. Diggs is like ‘man, we’re not going to win a Super Bowl, it’s cold up here, and I could party better in another city’… He’s like ‘I have at best the third best quarterback in the AFC’ and likely the fourth because I’m sure he thinks Aaron Rodgers will be better than Josh Allen this year. Stefon Diggs is thinking ‘If I played for an offensive coach, this would get fixed.’ Diggs showed up to minicamp to cause this problem and he knows he has leverage over Josh Allen because of their skin color differences. He knows there’s a good chance that he can get someone on ESPN to take up his calls. He knows he can get out of there because if I’m Buffalo, the last thing I want is my star receiver taking any kind of racial potshots at my quarterback. Carson Wentz ran into that problem in Philadelphia and I think that contributed to why Carson Wentz looks like utter trash after looking so good early in his career. I think he got mentally wounded by what happened with his wide receiver teammates— Alshon Jeffrey was basically taking potshots at him, and somewhat played the racial card on him, The last thing Buffalo wants is for Josh Allen to get caught in those crosshairs, and they will trade Stefon Diggs to avoid that. In this woke social media environment, Josh Allen just coming out of college got caught in the racial crosshairs. The only reason why Buffalo drafted him so high was because ‘HE'S A WHITE GUY! THERE WAS RACISM! IF HE WERE BLACK, EVERYBODY WOULD LOOK AT HIS COMPLETION PERCENTAGE AT WYOMING!'… There was a racial component to the criticism of Josh Allen, and that it was ‘White privilege’ that allowed him to be drafted that high. In these locker room environments and in this current media environment you know and I know White coaches walk on eggshells, and White players walk on eggshells. Look what happened to Drew Brees in New Orleans all over the National Anthem. Michael Thomas threw Drew Brees under the bus and people piled on. Carson Wentz was a ‘Jesus freak’ and the wide receivers didn’t really vibe with him. I’m making the prediction that Stefon Diggs forces his way out of Buffalo.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ discuss the developing saga in Buffalo involving superstar wide receiver Stefon Diggs’ distaste with the franchise, with Whitlock offering up a theory on the real reason why he thinks the Bills will ultimately have to unload the three-time Pro Bowler.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why he thinks skin color has given Diggs decisive leverage over the Bills, as Whitlock says the Bills could become spooked by the prospects of Diggs making this standoff into an incendiary racial issue that would result in a disastrous PR nightmare.

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