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Colin Cowherd: Trade Damian Lillard and Build Around Scoot Henderson

Colin Cowherd: “Four of the most talented Blazers are guards. Scoot Henderson may be the most talented, Dame, Anfernee Simons, and Shaeden Sharpe, and they have one solid wing, Jerami Grant. They’re essentially now becoming the Warriors without any of the trophies. I understand the loyalty with Klay Thompson, you got the ring four times. The Blazers had CJ McCollum and Dame, and they didn’t get you trophies. Break them up. What are you getting for it? You’re not getting titles for it. Eleven years, four series wins, break them up. Too many guards, what are you going to get for it? Break them up, send one packing. Scoot Henderson is the future. Move Dame and get HIM [Scoot] help. This idea that Portland is ‘close.’ Phoenix is better today, Denver is going nowhere, and OKC will be the most improved team in the league next year. The Spurs just got Wemby, the Kings will be better with another year of experience, and Memphis might be better with Marcus Smart. The West was weird last year but it’s coming on strong next year. Everybody in the West next year is better, potentially, some way better. Dame has a market, you can get pieces for Scoot. I don’t believe it’s a legitimate argument to say ‘LET’S MOVE ANFERNEE SIMONS AND GET A PIECE THAT WILL…’— will, what? Simons is not established enough, Dame is a Hall of Famer. I’d be happier for Dame to go to Miami where he would be their best scorer and he could win a championship.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he believes the Trailblazers need to end the Damian Lillard era in Portland and start building around no. 3 overall pick Scoot Henderson.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why the Blazers really have no other choice but to build around the rookie Henderson, and severe ties with future Hall of Famer, yet ring-less Lillard, who could potentially net you a massive haul in a blockbuster trade to a team like the Miami Heat.

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