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Colin Cowherd Says New York Jets Are Not Serious Super Bowl Contenders

Colin Cowherd: “The elephant in the room on Aaron Rodgers is the Jets are kind of dysfunctional and not a perfect roster. Former NFL GM Mike Tannenbaum said he doesn’t think Aaron Rodgers makes the Jets a Super Bowl contender because of the offensive line. Matt Stafford went to the Rams, it was a really good offensive line. PFF had it one of the best offensive lines. Tom Brady went to the Bucs and it was the 7th rated offensive line. As quarterbacks get older they want comfort and more time to throw. When Peyton Manning went to the Denver Broncos as an older quarterback, that Broncos o-line was rated the 4th best offensive line. Joe Montana with the Kansas City Chiefs had Will Shields, a Pro Bowl left tackle, and they had a guard and a center who would later be Pro Bowlers. It was a really good offensive line and Joe Montana was successful. How about Brett Favre and the 12-4 Vikings? That was a really good offensive line. Steve Huthinson was a Hall of Fame guard, Sullivan the center was good, Bryant McKinnie made a Pro Bowl that year at left tackle. Stafford, Brady, Montana, Manning, Favre— what did they have in common? They weren’t all great defenses, they weren’t all great coaches, they weren't all great receivers, all had excellent offensive lines. As quarterbacks get older and they’ve got a few surgeries and dings, they start moving less. Aaron doesn’t run as much, he doesn’t want to get hit as much, he’s got that bank account. Old quarterbacks don’t like getting hit. Let me give you an example of a star quarterback that goes to a bad offensive line… How’d it work? We just saw it, Russell Wilson to Denver. It was AWFUL. The o-line is what nobody talks about because nobody has got those guys on their fantasy teams. 95% of fans, even in their hometowns, can’t go left tackle to right tackle and name all the starters. We don’t pay attention to offensive line. They’re the key to older quarterbacks when they pivot to another franchise. Nothing against Alijah Vera-Tucker, he’s a guard. They have a huge question mark at left tackle, they’ve got a question mark at right tackle, they’ve got a rookie at center. I’m told Laken Tomlinson is ‘solid’, that’s nice. They’ve got a promising young guard off an injury, and another solid guard. Older QBs seek time and comfort and it’s possible in a division with Belichick’s defense and Buffalo’s defense, Aaron Rodgers struggles at least in those four games to get comfortable. That’s not a reach, it’s not ‘clicky’, that’s the honest truth, and Mike Tannenbaum hit on it.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss an NFL take former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum made about the New York Jets not being Super Bowl contenders because of their and unproven fragile offensive line protecting an aging Aaron Rodgers, as Colin says Tannenbaum’s concerns have become an elephant in the room when it comes to headlines about the now-beguiling Jets.

Check out the segment above as Colin details the history of Hall of Fame-caliber quarterbacks changing teams later in their careers – i.e. Tom Brady, Matthew Stafford, Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, and Joe Montana— all going to teams with superior offensive lines, which is something Rodgers will be ill-equipped with.

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