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Colin Cowherd: Why the Future Looks Bleak For Jordan Love in Green Bay

Jordan Love: “I remember the first year Mahomes got drafted, video started coming out in camp of Patrick Mahomes making plays. The reason that video came out is because Kansas City was willing to let it out. They wanted to show people ‘yeah, our draft pick is something special, WATCH OUT!’ When Daniel Jones got drafted at six and it was roundly criticized as a reach, suddenly, slow-mo video that looked like Chariots of Fire was coming out of Daniel Jones completing passes, beautiful throws, slow-mo... It got out because the Giants were trying to reduce the inflammatory comments on Dave Gettleman, who has since been fired. Jordan Love has been with the Packers for four years. You cannot find one intense ‘WOW’ moment of practice video, not one. I was told in the last 72 hours by an incredibly connected Green Bay source, I’m not telling you whether he’s a current or former Packer. He said when he was around him [Jordan Love] for multiple years he never saw a ‘WOW’ pass. He never saw a ‘WOW’ moment. And this player doesn’t or didn’t always love Aaron Rodgers. He said ‘3-4 years,  I never saw the juice’ [with Jordan Love]. Joe Burrow’s first training camp, USA Today, ‘JOE BURROW RIPS THROUGH THE BENGALS FIRST-TEAM DEFENSE.’ That was the first OTA. Later that camp, Zac Taylor, ‘BURROW HAS BEEN GREAT AS ADVERTISED, AMAZING PLAYER.’ Four years of Jordan Love, zippo. It was excitement that couldn’t be contained with Mahomes or Joe Burrow. If you saw a great movie, would you wait four years to tell someone? The wording over the last four years with the Packers has been ‘patience, let’s temper expectations.’ It sounds like when a doctor says stuff like ‘we need to take another x-ray’, or ‘we don’t think it’s anything but let’s take one more look.’ That’s usually not great news. When a source tells me ‘no juice’ and ‘no WOW’ in multiple years it aligns with the reason we’re getting no video from him.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he’s not expecting much from Jordan Love his first season starting in Green Bay, as Colin says Love’s entire career has been damningly devoid of any hype.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why there won’t be much hope for the Packers this year in this daunting post-Aaron Rodgers era.

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