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NBA Insider Says He'd Be 'Surprised' If Damian Lillard Isn't Traded to Heat

Colin Cowherd:The Blazers have been in NBA purgatory for ten years. They basically drafted a younger Dame [Scoot Henderson]. He can’t shoot like Dame, probably more athletic, a little bigger and stronger, it’s time to move off. Sometimes the divorce is good and it wouldn’t be an ugly one. He fits in Miami and Portland already has the next Dame. I would be shocked if it doesn’t transpire, would you?”

Ric Bucher: “I don’t know ‘shocked’, I would be surprised if it ultimately doesn’t happen. There’s been too much innuendo. Usually these things take a little longer, but when you start to hear the sides considering things it usually means the ball is rolling in that direction. I believe what’s going on right now is they’re playing a game of chicken. Damian doesn’t want to be the guy who says ‘alright, I’m OUT’ because that would undermine his whole brand and persona in Portland. That’s why he consistently just says ‘I want to play for a championship.’ Dude, you’re not playing for a championship in Portland at this point. Portland also doesn’t want to say ‘THANK YOU DAMIAN, BUT WE’RE MOVING ON.’ Right now, it’s the two pushing each other to see who is going to announce that they’re getting divorced because THAT side is going to take the hit. If Portland sayS ‘we need to move on…’ there is going to be backlash. Portland is a fierce and loyal town and they love Damian. Damian also doesn’t want to lose that support by saying ‘I’ve had enough or Portland’, because then it would be ‘wait, I thought you said you would bring us a championship?’ I think it’s a game of chicken and we will see who wins.”

Check out FS1 host and NBA insider Ric Bucher join The Herd with Colin Cowherd to explain why he would be ‘surprised’ if Damian Lillard is not traded to the Miami Heat this offseason, as Bucher thinks it’s turned into a game of chicken between Lillard and the Blazers to see who will publicly express interest in a divorce first.

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