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Jason Whitlock: Aaron Rodgers' Views on Psychedelics Should Worry Jets Fans

Jason Whitlock: “Aaron Rodgers wants to legalize psychedelic drugs. What is Aaron Rodgers doing here? I like Aaron Rodgers for his anti-vax stance and now he wants to legalize psychedelic drugs? As if American kids don’t have enough problems.”

Steve Kim: “When he was at Cal-Berkeley he showed none of these tendencies, which is ironic given the fact that it's Cal-Berkeley. We always thought he was just this regular guy who liked to play quarterback with a magical arm. I don’t even know what to think about this. The last thing I want my quarterback who I have mortgaged the future for is to talk about legalizing psychedelics. It’s not a great look. I generally am a ‘live and let live’ type of person, but he has gotten quirkier and quirkier to the point of just being an oddball the last three years.”

Whitlock: “This is the first moment where I’m like ‘This Jets thing may not work. This may be a disaster.’ I’m an Aaron Rodgers supporter. I like that he’s different, and he’s a rebel, and he stands his ground but he may just be ‘off’ and football is not that important to him at this time. But I think at his age it has to be THAT important to him for him to have a super high level of success. It’s one thing when you’re younger and when you’ve been with a team who you’ve been established with for 15-16 years, but he’s going into a whole new environment with an organization that hasn’t had a lot of success, and if he’s not going to be all about football the way Tom Brady was when he hit Tampa with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove, I’m not sure if it’s going to work in New York.

Kim: “Here’s the irony and I’m not making a statement on the vax, but here’s a guy in Aaron Rodgers who decided ‘the vax is not for me, I don’t want that in my body’, but then he says a year or two later ‘BUT PSYCHEDELICS, YEAH! IMMA TAKE THOSE LIKE FLINTSTONES VITAMINS!’” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock and Steve Kim of ‘Fearless’ discuss Aaron Rodgers’ recent appearance at a psychedelics conference in Denver where Rodgers pushed for the United States fully legalizing the illegal substances.

Check out the segment above as both Whitlock and Kim agree that this should be a cause of concern for Jets fans to see their 39-year-old quarterback so consumed with something so peculiar and unrelated to football just a month out from Jets training camp.

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