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Colin Cowherd Says 'Hark Knocks' Appearance Could Doom the Jets Season

Colin Cowherd: “Seven of the last ten teams on Hard Knocks missed the playoffs. It doesn’t make a bad team good or a good team bad, but if your marriage is already rocky it’ll get you to a divorce attorney. It’s not great, especially with a team who has got an impulsive owner, a young coach on the hot seat, a prickly older quarterback new to the franchise, media intensity in New York, really tough division, and a brutal early schedule when you’re trying to create inertia and momentum. It’s less than ideal. It’s not going to make a good team bad but teams do not need HBO. You can tell because head coaches and GMs are BEGGING not to be on this show. Football is about discretion, deception, being discreet, covert, and hiding stuff. It’s not about having cameras in the meetings. You have to act differently. I know you don’t think you'd act differently when you put cameras all around your marriage or your business, but you would. You’d act differently and you don’t want that. You want authentic, you want real, you want honest. Some of this stuff is ugly. I’ve been in football locker rooms, it’s not pretty. I’ve been in football front offices, there’s hard discussions that you do not want on camera. It’s not going to make the Jets, who are a good team, TERRIBLE, but the Jets are already facing young major question marks on the o-line, potentially the first average-to-bad o-line of Aaron Rodgers’ career, Aaron dealing with promising but young wide receivers— he can be prickly, impulsive owner, coach on the hot seat, and New York media. I don’t think companies or leagues should be in the business of distracting their business partners.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the news of the New York Jets being selected for another season of HBO’s Hard Knocks, and why it could be disastrous for a Jets team who already has a lot of things working against them this season.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why the Hard Knocks selection couldn’t have come at a worse time for the budding Jets whose season could be an uphill battle.

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