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Colin Cowherd Ranks the Top 10 Quarterback/Head Coach Duos in the NFL

Watch Colin Cowherd count down his rankings of the top 10 quarterback/head coach combinations in the NFL.

10. Mike McDaniel/Tua Tagovailoa

“I think the coach is brilliant. Unproven and young but brilliant. The quarterback is good when healthy.”

9. Mike McCarthy/Dak Prescott

“McCarthy has a Super Bowl and Dak is more than sufficient as a franchise quarterback. I consider them both B to B+."

8. Sean McDermott/Josh Allen

“I may bang on Sean McDermott but Allen is a transformation talent. The Buffalo Bills before Sean McDermott got there were kind of a mess.”

7. Nick Sirianni/Jalen Hurts

“I know you’re saying this is too low, but Nick Sirianni got the job and they were a mess early, and then he gave play-calling to Shane Steichen. From that point to the Super Bowl they were fantastic. Steichen just left, coordinators matter.”

6. Zac Taylor/Joe Burrow

“Don’t tell me Zac Taylor should be in the same class as Andy Reid and Sean Payton. The first two years without Burrow he was winning five games a year. I like him but give him another year at least.”

5. John Harbaugh/Lamar Jackson

“I know a lot of people have misgivings about Lamar Jackson but Harbaugh is a remarkable coach. Lamar wins 75% of his starts. I know you don’t trust him, but Peyton Manning took a while to have great playoff success. Lamar Jackson is really good when he’s healthy.”

4. Doug Pederson/Trevor Lawrence

“Pederson is one of the most underrated coaches in the last decade in the sport. Out-dueled, outsmarted, outfoxed Bill Belichick in a Super Bowl, and we all love Trevor Lawrence.”

3. Sean Payton/Russell Wilson

“We don’t believe Russ is washed, and Peyton is brilliant.”

2. Sean McVay/Matthew Stafford

“I know they’re coming off a bad year but McVay is the youngest coach to win a Super Bowls. In the year Stafford won a Super Bowl a year ago he threw for 5,000 yards.”

1. Andy Reid/Patrick Mahomes

“Not particularly close. Certainly there’s an argument with Montana and Bill Walsh as the best quarterback/coach combo in the history of the sport.”

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