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Jason McIntyre Says This NFL Doormat Will Reach the Super Bowl This Season

Photo: Sean Gardner

Jason McIntyre: “The winner of the NFC will be the New Orleans Saints. Derek Carr finally gets on a winning team coming from the Raiders where I think he was 63-78, some terrible record. ‘JASON, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, SAINTS??’ We just talked to Albert Breer, he said this was a ‘pretty damn good roster’, there’s a lot of veterans, they know how to win, the big question is Colin [Cowherd] is not buying their coach [Dennis Allen]. I get it, that’s fine, but I will remind everybody—last year at this time nobody had the Philadelphia Eagles going to the Super Bowl, NOBODY. It was all ‘THE RAMS COULD RUN IT BACK!’ ‘I CAN TALK MYSELF INTO DALLAS!’ ‘AARON RODGERS COMING OFF THE MVP! And everybody obviously loved the 49ers. Nobody was talking Eagles and they come out of the NFC with the best record. In that division, I’m telling you, they could easily go 6-0. Facing Desmond Ridder, and whoever Carolina’s got? The rookie quarterback? The division is weak. The Saints getting home-field advantage is in play, folks.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason McIntyre, guest-hosting for Colin Cowherd on The Herd, explain why he thinks the New Orleans Saints will reach the Super Bowl this season, a part of a segment where Jason listed his five boldest predictions for the upcoming NFL season. 

The Saints have gone 16-18 in the two years since Drew Brees retired and the quarterback position has been a mess for a middling Saints offense without Sean Payton. Injuries to Jamies Winston and Taysom Hill coupled with poor play from Andy Dalton sent the Saints tumbling into a tie for last place in the AFC South last season.  

Check out the segment above as Jason details why he thinks the arrival of Derek Carr makes New Orleans a scary dark horse in an NFC that no longer has Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. 

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